Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction is  the fantastic idea of Michel Prince, where she posts 10 authors with 10 different takes on one sexy picture and I am so happy to have been asked to be included in the small group of writers!

So here is my take on the sexy picture. 

All for You by Kerrianne Coombes

Garret dropped his kit-bag and climbed the stairs, suddenly finding more energy at the thought of holding Cara. He pushed open his bedroom door and all his breath left his lungs.
Cara was laid on their bed wearing nothing but a thong and a pink rose. Her eyes were closed, and her mouth was open slightly as sleep relaxed her beautiful face.
Garret stepped closer and ran the back of his fingers over the slight swell of her tummy. His heart filled with pride as he watched goose bumps rise all over her flesh, and his veins filled with powerful lust.
She shifted a little under his touch and Garret flicked his gaze up to her face. She was watching him, her dark brown eyes glinting in the low lit room, a small smile tugging at her plump mouth.
“Welcome home fire-fighter.” She whispered. Garret grinned and reached for the rose. He swiped the flower over one of her breasts and revelled in the way her nipple puckered under his attention.
“Is this all for me?” he asked even as he played the rose over her tummy and around her breasts. With his free hand, Garret brushed the back of his fingers over her taught nipple. A hot bolt of need slammed into his balls, making Garret swallow hard.
“Yes.” Cara breathed, “Its all for you.”
He heard the declaration in her tone, saw the determination in her gaze, and Garret suddenly forgot all about his rough day at work.
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