interview with Lila Munro

I am so happy to have the wonderful Lila Munro her on my blog today. She is talking about her new book ‘Toy Box Tales’ And she has agreed to give away a PDF copy of the book to one commenter!!!!!

Take it away Lila.

Tell us a little about you and your books.

First, thanks so much for having me on today, Kerrianne. It’s a joy to be here talking to your audience. About me…well, I currently reside on the coast of North Carolina with my husband, when he’s not deployed that is, and our two four-legged kids. Yep, I’m a military wife with an empty nest. I made up my own word for my brand of romance… realmantica, which is quality romance in a realistic setting. My genre of choice is contemporary romance that spans everything from the sensual to BDSM and ménage. I read everything I can get my hands on, I love trips to the museum and aquarium, research is my forte and get the itch for field research trips quite often, and although I live within minutes of the beautiful Carolina beaches, I no longer soak up the sun like I used to due to a medication I now take, but sunset picnics are just as good as a full days baking. J

Where did you get the inspiration for this latest book?

Oh I love getting asked this question. The problem is it’s a loooonnnng journey to the answer, so I’ll try to stay on the road and not take any detours. J I just wrote a blog post entitled Home is Where the Heart is…Sometimes it’s Bittersweet. When I first started writing, the military was where all my inspiration came from and I’m a sucker for a good special ops hero or two. But then ying met yang and I wandered into BDSM territory with guns blazing and my military guys started disappearing…L I missed them, but had so much stuff in progress I couldn’t seem to make the two meet. Until recently. I’m just finishing up my current Identity series and finishing it off with book 5, Assumed Calling and I owe my current publisher one more installment of the Slower Lower series. I have lots of stuff in the hopper but couldn’t figure out what first and knew I needed something to help me keep my name out there while figuring it all out. Busy wasn’t the word. You see, not only am I published, I worked for Rebel Ink Press since their conception and opening as their PR/Advertising manager. Then my husband was deployed for a year, came home for 15 weeks and deployed for another year. He’s currently gone now.  Yes, I said worked for Rebel Ink Press. (told you it was a looonnnggg journey) With so much on the plate, I needed to scale back and my military heroes were forever pricking at my imagination. So, I had to decide, and resigned my position at RIP. As I was doing that, my editor called me about an opportunity I’ll be expanding on later this year and into the spring regarding my novels, but suggested as I worked on that they’d like to team me up with another bestselling author to do a series of short stories as a way for us to stay connected to our readers while we made some transitions and give my mind a rest. I’ve been churning out novel size works for over two year’s non-stop now. They wanted to know if I had any ideas for this new series. Boy did I! I’d had an idea cooking on the back burner for a while just wondering when the door would open up for it…and that’s how Toy Box Tales was born. They are shorts all set in the Toy Box clubs and are all about studly special ops guys and fierce female warriors from all branches of service…

Toy Box Tales…

The Toy Box clubs, where the beer is always cold, the drinks are always perfect, and the sex is always hot, are found in the back alleys of cities across the world. Somehow, elite fighting forces always know where to locate one. Special ops team members stationed and deployed around the globe are guaranteed to find a piece of Americana, or something more exotic if they prefer, every single time they visit–no matter the mission. Owned by a mysterious man who wishes to remain anonymous, these clubs cater to every need, whim, and at times, every fetish imaginable. But as America’s best often find, what happens at the Toy Box doesn’t always stay at the Toy Box…

What did you enjoy most about writing this book?

What don’t I enjoy about writing Toy Box Tales? Each one is a delicious bite out of some character’s life. There’s action, emotions, drama, and plenty of sex all the way from sweet to heat. And they seem to be being received well. That’s the ultimate enjoyment, knowing you’ve pleased your readers.

What is your writing routine? Me, I like to get a cup of coffee, make sure the house is silent—and then I can concentrate.

Routine…well, eighteen months ago I’d have said there is no routine only maddening chaos sprinkled with crazy. I had too much on the plate, was working all hours of the day and night, trying to keep it all together at home while the husband is away saving the world…then the brakes on the train were pulled by my physician when it was discovered I was a walking illness waiting to happen and in fact a couple of things were already on the forefront. GAPD and high blood pressure started calling the shots and I actually have a more scheduled life now. Not that I’m not spontaneous, because when research field trip cries let’s go…by golly I’m in the car in a Dixie minute, but I do limit my actual working hours, I take breaks away from the computer, have fruit and water near the keyboard now instead of junk food and sweet tea. I take long walks and listen to my characters while taking in the scenery. Amazingly enough, all the changes have only provoked the muses to be much more active. J

Which scenes do you enjoy writing the most?

Emotion filled ones. And I guess it shows because I’ve gotten comment after comment from my readers about those, most recently from a fan on my Facebook wall:

I have enjoyed reading your books, what I like about your books is I can feel what the characters are feeling..You give great details, that some Authors don’t take time to.”—Teresa Childress

Now that feels great!

Are you a plotter or a pantser?

I can happily say I am indeed a planster…yes, I did just make up another word. I used to be a die-hard plotter complete with graphs, charts, and slide shows. J Then I had a bit of a stuck in the rut moment about a year ago…well, while I was going through all the health stuff and getting myself back to a better place. My characters ran amuck and wrote Three for Keeps on their own. Now while it did receive good reviews, I realized that by letting them have complete control I’d made a horrible mistake. Now I plot and timeline plan, but if the characters poke me with their ideas I pay attention and am more flexible. There you have it…planster. J

Now, for the fun questions…

Log cabin in front of the fire, or sunset on a tropical beach?

Oh dear, I’ve experienced both and am quite fond of both, however, as far as sexy factor…the beach wins hand’s down. Much carnal knowledge was gained that evening and the public place factor really revved things up…;)

Man in uniform, or man in business suit?

I married a Marine…lol…

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go—and why?

Oh golly, that list is long and varied. Being a military wife I’ve travelled extensively, so travelling is at the top of my list of things to do when my husband finally retires. Europe, Asia, Africa…all for different reasons. Mostly just to be able to slow down and enjoy what’s around me with the one person in the world I want to enjoy it with.

If you could meet a character from any book—who would you meet, and why?

Mrs. Dalloway from Virginia Woolf’s novel. The woman intrigues me and I think she needs someone to discuss all that heavy life stuff with over tea. I also think she’d make a terrific shopping partner. Bet you expected me to say some hunky hero from something recent. I’m an avid reader of the classics. J

Who is your favourite author?

I can honestly say, and I’m not avoiding the question or avoiding thinking, I can’t choose just one. They are all unique and offer a little something to my enjoyment. I also read a wide variety of genres and will try just about anything bound or zipped to my e-reader. Except horror…not a fan.

Tell us where we can find you, and your books…

I can be found at Realmantic Moments  Facebook Pinterest Goodreads  You can also contact me via email at and you can find all my works at: Amazon Nook ARe Bookstrand

Thanks again for having me over and if it’s alright I’ll leave your readers with a little something from Toy Box Tales, Volume One: Fayetteville, Sugar and Spice…Now available

Drake O’Malley is in between deployments and looking to hook up, but not on a permanent basis. The Toy Box, Fayetteville, North Carolina, is his team’s regular haunt. While most of what goes on in the back isn’t Drake’s style, the club does make a righteous Irish Car Bomb. And the girls who grace the doors aren’t bad either. If only Drake could find one that liked the occasional spanking, wasn’t into the whole twenty-four seven scene, and would let go when he disappeared on a mission. Someone with some spice…

And spice is what he gets when Nutmeg Newman shows up. She’s not looking for a permanent mate, just a good time. In fact, she let’s go on cue and isn’t heard from again until her sister, Coriander, comes knocking on Drake’s door with a special Christmas surprise. One wrapped in a cute pink package complete with hair bow…

A short excerpt:

Drake didn’t dare open his eyes for fear the sun may actually be shining and would pierce his brain shattering it into a million shards of useless matter. What the hell had he done and why did it involve a tiny man banging a tiny hammer right behind his left eye? With his eyes tightly screwed shut, he tried to recall how he’d ended up in one of the back rooms of the Toy Box. He knew for sure he wasn’t in his own bed. The mattress he lay on was too uncomfortable to be his Tempur-Pedic. Yes, he was a mattress snob. After sleeping in caves and sandpits and laying incognito in Ghillie gear for days on end all over the world, Drake spared no expense on sleeping in comfort when he was home on down time.

Dreading the result, he finally pried one eye open, blinked a few times to bring the world around him into focus, and slapped it shut again thinking he must be hallucinating. He hadn’t dreamed he met a girl named Nutmeg? Who also claimed to be sister to one Coriander Newman whom Drake had shacked up with a couple of times? Taking a long breath, he searched the fuzzy recesses of his mind, realizing his tongue was as fuzzy as his head was. Irish Car Bombs. Enough to blow up a small island. And as he recalled, Nutmeg had consumed just as much Patron. Past the pyramids of glasses, the rest of the puzzle got a bit harder to solve.


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