Excerpt ‘Inevitable’

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To celebrate ‘Inevitable’ going up on Amazon, B and N, ARE and Secret Cravings Publishers. I wanted to share an excerpt with you x 

I hope you like it x *Bouncy YEY*

Jack looked back over his shoulder at Sky and grinned. She had ditched that stuffy tailored jacket by throwing it over a bar stool, and her good-for-nothing-heels had been thrown—by him—out the window by the time she had had her third drink. Sky was grinning from ear to ear, and laughing with head-thrown-back abandon just like the old days.

She was stunning.
“So, you and Sky, huh? I thought that ended years ago when she left town.”
Jack tore his hungry gaze from Sky and her infectious smile, and looked at Sarah standing to

his side. Sarah was the same age as himself and Sky, she had been in their grade at school. Now she was a teacher at the little primary school in the village. She was a good friend, someone whom Jack had laughed with on many occasions inside this very pub. She was pretty—not his type, but pretty enough.

“Well, on and off really, when she’s in town,” he replied, not wanting to give too much away about his true feelings. What he really wanted to say was, No, me and Sky never broke up, I just gave her some space to fulfill her dream, but she’ll be back—I just know it. But he bit his tongue and played it cool instead.

“Oh, right…” Sarah suddenly sidled closer and pressed her breast into Jack’s arm. Jack frowned and imagined that the amount of beer he had consumed was now muddling his brain. Shy Sarah wouldn’t do something like that… He moved his arm subtly away so she wouldn’t get embarrassed if she realised what she had done, and reached for the beer waiting on the bar.

“See you later, Sarah. Take care.” With his other hand he picked up Sky’s fresh gin and tonic, and wandered over to where she laughed loudly at whatever Giles was saying.

“Here’s your drink, wench,” he said teasingly as he handed it over. She jumped down from the back of the bench seat and wrapped her arms around his neck. The rugby game had finished long ago, and now the juke-box blared out tacky tunes. Jack grinned down at Sky and kissed her nose. “Want to dance, beautiful?”

Her eyes sparkled and her face split into a smile so perfect, he nearly dropped to his knees— would have dropped to his knees, if his friends weren’t there. She made him weak, made him dream, and Jack knew there was no one else in the world like her—no one else in the world for him.

“Yes, I would love to dance.” She pressed up against him, and Jack held her closer. He placed his beer on the nearest table to free up his hands. They hadn’t done anything like this in years. They hadn’t hung out and had fun as if they were friends for such a long time. Sure, their time together had always been explosive and special, but this—this was perfect. Sky was showing him her playful side, her funny, giggling girly side, and Jack felt like the luckiest man alive. That’s what she did to him. She brightened his world and chased away his shadows. She was his very own piece of perfection. He knew that his friends envied him, he saw the looks Sky had attracted with her playful, slightly silly humor. The way she had reacted to every goal scored on the TV not only had him grinning like a fool, but she had brightened the smiles of almost everyone in the pub. The kicker was, Sky had no idea of the chaos she created with her sexy laugh, sashaying hips and sultry eyes.

But Jack saw it, and it made him want to hold her to him so tightly that she slipped inside right to his soul.

“You are so beautiful,” he murmured. He dropped his head and brushed his lips across hers. She moaned quietly and tightened her hands around his neck. His cock responded in a heated rush. Her lush curves were pressed so perfectly against him, and his body hungered for more. “If you continue to make sounds like that, Sky,” he whispered, “I’m going to be forced to take you home right now.”

She grinned, and her green eyes twinkled with mischief. Jack held her tightly and slid his cheek across hers, then nipped her ear and licked the bite-mark. She moaned again—this time louder, the sound sending electric pulses straight to his dick. “I thought I warned you, little Sky. Those noises will have to be dealt with—severely.”

Sky lifted her leg subtly and pressed her thigh against his burgeoning erection. He bit back a moan and closed his eyes for a split second. She could wrap him in knots.

“And what if I want you to take me home?” she whispered into his ear.

Home—she had said home, and Jack liked the word on her lips, especially when she spoke about his farm. Her words ignited a fire in his groin and set adrenaline free in his blood. He spun her around, snatched up her jacket and wrapped it around her shoulders.

He grabbed her hand and proceeded to drag her from the pub. Sky tottered behind on bare feet, yelling her goodbyes and waving her free hand to their friends. A few shouts of Oy oy! went up and Jack grinned. Oh, yes, he was getting laid tonight… 


Inevitable is a hot four flame book—very sexy!

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