Tantalising Tuesdays

Ok, so here is my first ever offering for TT. I hope you like it x

Sarah watched breathlessly as Jake walked out of the water. The waves licked at his thighs and splashed onto his chest as he stalked with predatorial grace towards her. His deep dark eyes watched her as he moved closer, and Sarah felt pinned–a butterfly on a collector’s board.

Though she was stood on a beach of white sand that spread for miles, Sarah couldn’t get away. The man, Jake, who she had only met two days ago, had captured and held her with his intensely sexy gaze and dark promises.

His intense, assessing eyes swept down the simple cotton dress she wore, and a cold slide of apprehension tickled down her spine.

“I thought I told you to be naked, Sarah.”

His devastatingly gravelly voice vibrated over her every nerve and Sarah shivered. She looked down and watched as his hand reached up to the buttons. He unhooked each one, no permission asked, he just took. She didn’t reply, she couldn’t, held spellbound by his darkly tanned hand against her white dress.

“Tonight, these are mine.”

He tore open the front of her dress, dipped and sucked her flesh into his hot mouth. Sarah gasped, shocked and awed at once. 


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