I am so happy to announce that today is ‘Inevitable’s RELEASE DAY!!!!!! YEEEHW!!

I am going to give one copy of this book to a lucky commenter! Plus some SWAG!! 

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Sky looked up at the sign over the old village pub, Ye Old Dog and Bone, and sighed in resignation. If she wanted to see Jack, then she was probably going to have to spend the night drinking beer and watching a rugby game on the huge television that sat in the corner of the old, musty pub. The idea should have made her groan and moan and stomp right back to the city, but in fact, after the shitty week she’d had, the idea only made her smile.

It would be like old times, before she’d left the village. And she couldn’t wait. Some of her favorite memories had been made in this very pub, memories of laughing until she snorted beer from her nose, of dancing upon the bar-top until someone—usually Jack—tugged her down. Those were the times when she had just let go, and enjoyed herself—something she hadn’t done in a while. Yeah, she needed a night down in the pub.

Sky walked up the steps and remembered her high red heels. She grinned. She looked down at her tailored suit and knew—she just knew—that Jack would have a field day ribbing her about her clothes. But as she pushed open the door, and the smell of hops and beer hit her nose, her shoulders instinctively relaxed and her mouth split onto a wide smile. So what if they took the piss out of her clothes? She didn’t like them anyway—well, not today. She wore them to portray a professional persona—another side of her, a side that, at the moment, she didn’t like very much.

The smothering heat of the old pub room stuffed its way into her nose and seemed to reach right to her soul. How could an atmosphere bring back so much nostalgia, so many good memories? She didn’t know, but her mind flooded with nothing but remembered good times.

She scanned the sea of jean-clad bodies eagerly. Faces that she recognised from growing up filled her vision and jolted even more memories from within her mind, but there was only one face she looked for—Jack—and he sat right at the far side, with a beer in hand and a sexy-as-hell smile on his face. As if he sensed her arrival, he flicked his dark gaze her way. Heat licked all over Sky’s skin instantly, and a bolt of awareness shot through her chest when his smile turned into something completely different. Jack stood up and strode towards her. Excitement fizzled through her brain, and Sky sucked in a breath.

It was a good idea to visit Jack. Only he had the power to make her forget her stresses, even for a short while. Only he could wipe away the feelings of inadequacy placed there by her bastard boss. Only Jack…

“Oy, oy! Someone’s getting laid tonight!”

Suddenly remembering that she was in a full pub, and that she and Jack were not alone, Sky flicked her eyes to the culprit who shouted those cocky words. Her gaze fell upon Giles. She grinned and flicked him The Bird. Giles cupped his heart and pretended to fall back. His beer sloshed over his hand, and covered his jeans. Giles cursed loudly and swiped the spilled beer away, and Sky laughed.

Just like old times.

“Sky! What are you doing here?” Jack placed his beer on the nearest table and scooped her up. She went willingly into his strong embrace, and held on so that she could take in everything, his smile, his sun darkened skin, the sexy creases at the corners of his eyes, the soft highlights that went through his hair, even his unique smell. Emotions forced their way forward, as if seeking out Jack and his inner strength, and she had to close her eyes to ward off the tears that burned all of a sudden.


Jack pulled back and eyed her with a worried expression. Sky dropped her gaze and flattened her hands on his shirt. He placed a gentle hand under her chin and forced her to look up. He knew her, and he knew something was wrong. But she couldn’t tell him—not yet. Sky forced a smile and swallowed deeply.

“I had a shitty week, and I couldn’t wait to see you.” She flicked her gaze to the rowdy group of farmers. “But if you’re busy—”

He dipped his head and shut off her words with a kiss. His strong hand molded to her butt, the other tangled in her hair, and Sky melted to him completely. The roomful of people slipped away as her body gave itself over to him. He was strong and sure, and totally manly—not like that prick she worked for.

That thought brought her back to reality with a cold slide of fright, and she ended the kiss by pulling back. Jack kept her in a tight embrace for a moment, his dark eyes watching her closely. “Let me get my coat,” he said, “And I’ll take you home.”

“No, I’d like to stay for a drink.” God, she could use a stiff drink and the numbness it gave. Reality sucked at the moment and she was more than ready to have some fun. “I really want to catch up and have a normal night—like the old days.”

Something like pride sparkled in Jack’s eyes, but when Sky looked deeper the fleeting emotion was gone. Jack nodded and turned, gripped her hand and led her to the group. Cheers of hello, stranger and bloody hell, Sky filled her ears, and Sky couldn’t help but feel like she was at home.


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11 thoughts on “RELEASE DAY!!!!!!!

  1. Hi
    Congrats on this newest release. I have read two of your (now) 4 books. I must complete the “set” and read the other two. Loved Running Home and Beauty and the Beast. Keep them coming!

    Thanks for the chance.


  2. Hi guys! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on my giveaway. I love reading all of your comments Thank you!!!

    The winner is Mariann!!!!!! I will send the book and SWAG over to you!!


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