Friend Friday — Cynthia Arsuega

I am so pleased to welcome a fellow Secret Cravings writer, and friend, Cynthia Arsuaga to my little blog. Thanks for popping by Cynthia!!

Thank you for having me today Kerrianne.


A Life Lived in the Past, A Present Life Lived in a Lie, One Woman in Love With Two Men, A Destiny Echoed for Eternity

What if, all your life you have lived a lie? Your best friends know the truth but don’t tell you. Your grandparents are really strangers. Your new boyfriend is part of a secret society headed by his brother. To top everything off, they convince you that you are the reincarnation of an ancient goddess of a lost continent capable of saving humanity.

Take a journey starting from the distant past to present day—New York and Paris, to an archaeological dig site in Egypt, and to Surrey, United Kingdom. Layla McKenna discovers a life lived before and accepts the love of two men as she fulfills her destiny echoed in eternity.


The party progressed and after a few more glasses of wine and a little dancing, she didn’t feel uncomfortable with the chill in the air or the questions on her mind. She felt warm and cozy. The native women invited her to participate in a traditional dance, much like belly-dancing. At first, Layla was unsure if she could do the moves, but after a few attempts, the dance became easier to perform and almost second nature. She glimpsed at Jake and from his expression and body posture knew he liked what he saw.

She didn’t know if how she felt was from the wine, excitement of the stele discovery, or the look on his face, but she knew tonight might be filled with passion. The kind that made one’s toes curl from excitement. Moving her hips in a seductive way and tossing her hair over her shoulders, she twirled around following the other women across the cool sand. They danced around the group gathered to watch, inviting others in the crowd to join the dance party. For a moment, she danced only for Jake, oblivious to anyone else witnessing her display of seduction. She didn’t care. Aroused by the magic of the night and what Jake could do between her thighs made the anticipation of making love tonight most sweet.

Jake rose to his feet and walked toward her. The excitement in her belly escalated as he approached. As he came to a halt in front of her, she continued swaying her hips and undulating her arms in syncopation to the music. She cast intense and purposeful eyes upon him. “Dance with me,” she demanded.

“Little one, I think we need to take you out of here. You’re attracting too many stares. Come with me.” He held her arm firmly and directed her to leave.

“Oh, Jake, c’mon and dance with me. I’m having too much fun to leave. C’mon, baby, dance with me,” she said demurely as she pulled away and continued dancing.

Jake shook his head and furrowed his brow. “Woman, I said let’s go.” He charged over to her and scooped her up into his arms.

“Hey, what are you doing? Let me down.” She struggled with him at first, and then realized with everyone staring at them, she should be quiet and succumb to his action. “You better not drop me.” She put her arms around his neck and her head on his shoulder.

“That’s better,” he murmured in her ear.

The scene that played out before everyone removed all doubts about Layla and Jake’s relationship. All suspicions were now confirmed with him carrying her away from the celebration.

After arriving at the tent, he pushed aside the canvas panel with his foot and entered with her still in his arms. Bending slightly, he eased her onto the bed. She lay there looking up at him with a grin on her face. “Hold those thoughts. I need to make sure we aren’t interrupted,” he said.

With a quick zip of the canvas flap and placing the small lock on the tab, he returned to the bed. Layla smiled and acted like a tigress ready to pounce on her prey. A corner of his mouth turned up as he shook his head. “What am I going to do with you, little one?”

Lifting to her tip-toes, she reached up and grabbed the collar of his shirt, pulling him close to her lips. “Kiss me and make love to me now, my prince.” The anticipation glimmered in her eyes, obviously waiting for him to kiss her.

With a puzzled expression, he flashed a small smile and leaned in closer. “I’m your prince now?”

“Yes.” She opened her mouth to meet his luscious lips. He captured her mouth, hard and sensuous. Their tongues met and danced in synchronization to the distant music. Jake pulled back and stepped away from the bed. He slowly undressed and dropped his clothes to the carpet. As he disrobed, Layla couldn’t take her eyes off her lover. Watching his smooth bronze expanse of streamlined shoulder muscle and sinew tapering down to a taut, flat abdomen caused her skin to prickle with excitement. She’d never tire of gazing upon his exquisite contours.

Returning to the bed, he straddled her thighs and lifted her buttocks to pull the caftan over her head. He slipped off her panties and tossed them aside. As she lay naked before him, skin glowing in the dim candlelight, he lowered himself, reclaiming her mouth and gently kissed her full and swollen lips. Eagerly meeting his kisses, she parted her lips to meet the sweet invasion of his tongue. As he stroked her mouth to ecstasy, he pulled away and rolled to his side, then began to lightly caress her breasts. He gently kneaded and stroked her aching nipples until they were erect ripe quivering tips.

The erotic sensation released a low moan deep in her throat.

Trembling from his sensual touch as one hand moved down her taut belly to her thigh in soft strokes, a moan from deep inside her soul found its way to her lips. Dilated eyes rolled back in her head and the dampness began to flow preparing for the impending release. She spread her thighs slightly to invite him in. With deft fingers, he slipped two long digits between the petal-soft folds of her pussy slowly stroking along the length. His touch electrified her with whisper flicks caressing the slick flesh, and her heart raced, pounding hard against her ribs. The warmth and wetness built toward the beautiful ecstasy he brought with his ministrations. He inserted a finger to stroke her moist, soft flesh, then another. The strokes became faster, harder, and sent heat thrumming through her belly.

As he lowered his face into the curly mound of her pussy, she gasped. Lord how she wanted him to lick and suck, hard and fast.

Then, as if he read her mind, his tongue strokes were more determined and brought her to spasms of pleasure. Her body quaked from the release and she let out a low squeal. He slowed his touch.

“Do you want more, little one? Tell me you want me. Tell me!”

Lifting her head, she peered down and reached her arms and cupped her hands on his cheeks. “Oh, Jake,” she said breathlessly, as she slid her hands down to his shoulder and pulled him up her body. “I need you now, please fuck me.”

Jake didn’t hesitate. Repositioning, he entered her fully in one deep thrust and she moaned with the sensation of rigid flesh pushing inside. Her teeth nipped his earlobe as her internal muscles squeezed him, clenching his thick hardness as he glided forward, and then drew back. He kissed her voraciously and she absorbed his very essence into her soul. If she stopped feeding from the sweetness of his mouth, she felt sure he would disappear from her embrace.

He moved slowly at first, then gradually rode her hard and fast.

“Oh, Jake, harder,” she insisted breathlessly.

She pressed her hips frantically against him as he pounded into her in fierce thrusts. He thrust forward and pulled out and forward, again and again. The invasion of hard, velvety flesh plunging deeper with each thrust forward brought her close to the edge of a strong release.

“Yes, Jake. Harder. That’s it.”

He thrust several more times before bringing wave after wave of pleasure to her body. He finally exploded in his own climax with a deep guttural groan, filling her with his hot seed.

They lay together entwined in each other’s arms until they drifted off to sleep.

Cynthia Arsuaga

Thanks again for having me Kerrianne. Where you can find me:


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