Hi guys! i am so excited to show off my new cover for a new Contemporary Romance called ‘Inevitable’ This book is a really sweet love story, and i can’t wait to share it with you!

It will be available July 24th x *Crazy Dancing* 


When Sky Denholm moved to the city to pursue a career with a large accountancy firm, her dreams of being independent and successful quickly turned into a reality.  Brought up to believe that women were useful for nothing but housework and sex, Sky is desperate to prove her father wrong. She packed her bags at the age of eighteen and moved from the British countryside to the city.

 She would like to say that she never looked back, but one man with dark eyes and a body to die for, tempted her back regularly. Jack Rogers, a farmer and Sky’s best friend, is her anchor in life. And Sky can’t seem to break the intense pull he has on her, no matter how much their relationship goes against her own, personal code.

But when her boss blackmails her, Sky begins to question her choices.

 When the love of Jack’s life decided that she had to taste life outside of the country, he let her go. Six years later, he is seriously regretting that choice. Sky Denholm is slipping through his fingers, and he has no idea how to bring her back home. 

Thanks For popping by Guys!!!! Have a great weekend!


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