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I have a very good ‘writer friend’ here today to talk about her new release! ‘An Unexpected Return’– Jessica is a wonderful person and an EXCELLENT writer, so please give her a warm welcome! And there is a GIVEAWAY, So make sure to leave an answer to her question!!! !!!!!

Take it away Jessica! HIP BUMP!

Character Names in Science Fiction Romance

Thank you so much, Kerrianne, for having me on your blog today!

Unlike many other science fiction romance authors, I didn’t read a lot of science fiction growing up. Yes, I read some, but I was turned off by many of the books I read. Why? I couldn’t pronounce the characters’ names.

I could have skipped over these names and just used nicknames for the characters instead, but I’m not that type of reader. If I miss something in a sentence, I go back and reread. And I have to figure out how a character’s name is pronounced before moving on. When this break occurs over and over for the same character, or for multiple characters, it draws me away from the story. And when I become distanced from a story, it’s easy to put it down and walk away.

That’s what happened with many of the science fiction stories I read as a young child.

Now, in my stories, I try to prevent that from happening by using one syllable names for most of my alien characters. In the rare occurance, like in An Unexpected Return, which releases today from Decadent Publishing, I gave the characters names that could be shortened into something familiar.

Aristides becomes Aris, and Benignus becomes Ben. Xia is already simple enough.

So, how do you feel about the names of science fiction characters? Do they turn you away if you can’t pronounce them? In any book, what other things make you pause and make it easy to walk away from the story?


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An Unexpected Return Blurb

Looking to experience all the universe has to offer, Prince Aristides escapes from the kingdom of Tyto and travels through space to the Emerald Planet, Elatia. He yearns to partake in the activities the planet is famous for, and fulfill all his sexual desires, but loses his heart and soul to an Adamos apprentice. Unfortunately, she is Terran, and her people are sworn enemies of those from Tyto. If he can convince Xia to give up her dreams of becoming an Adamos, and travel back to Tyto with him, will his parents accept her, or condemn them both?

Abandoned as a toddler on Elatia, and raised by Kalara, an Adamos specializing in erotic massage, Xia decides to follow in her footsteps. But she remains conflicted as to whether she wants to service clients for the rest of her life, or settle down and raise a family. When she meets Aris, he turns the tables on her, and brings her as much pleasure as she gives him.

Will they have their chance to be together, or will their families tear them away from any chance of young love?

Available from Decadent Publishing and other ebook retailers.

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Jessica Subject started writing to encourage her daughter to read. Now she writes to keep herself grounded. Although she reads many genres, she enjoys writing Science Fiction Romance the most and believes everyone in the universe deserves a happily ever after. She lives Southwestern Ontario, Canada with her husband and two kids and loves to hear from anyone who has enjoyed her stories.





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9 thoughts on “Jessica Subject

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  2. Complicated names and technical terms always turn me off. But I have been guilty of using them in the past and been slapped for it. It’s not so bad if they’re shortened to a nickname for most of the book, or perhaps the surrounding characters make a big thing about a co-character’s unpronounceable name. 🙂


    • Pippa, I’m very much the same way. If it is on purpose, or they’re shortened, I’ll keep reading. Thanks! 🙂


  3. I love foreign languages (speak a few and read several more) so I love complicated/technical names, especially if they have some roots I can identify.


    • Jenn,

      Foreign names don’t bother me at all, but in some science fiction stories, the names are so complicated that I have to pause every time I get to them in the book. And when I have to pause, it pulls me away from the story.


  4. Generally if the name is something that I am not familiar with, I just try to pronounce it the best I can. I often will shorten it in my head if it is a long name. Especially with sci-fi and paranormals this is often a case but I actually enjoy it.


    • June, I’ve never found this to be a problem in any paranormal stories, bot only in heavy science fiction. I’m not the type that can shoten a name either. I have to read it the way the author wrote it. If they decide to shorten it, great! 🙂


  5. Thank you to all who stopped by to visit and to Kerrianne for hosting me! Hip bump! The winner of the $5 Amazon gift certificate is Pippa. Congratulations! I will be in contact with you soon. 🙂


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