Excerpt. The One That Got Away

Today I want to share with you a little excerpt from my contemporary novella ‘The One That Got Away’


Enjoy x

Cammy put the phone down and stared at the door leading to the pub. She sat at her large oak desk, the accounts suddenly forgotten, and chewed on her bottom lip. She knew he would come in tonight; she had known their meeting in the car-park wouldn’t be the end. If not for her rude behavior, he might have just followed her then.

It seemed that in all the years he hadn’t changed. He was as stubborn as ever—and as gorgeous, and sexy, and…oh what did it matter? Guilt struck her with a bolt of pain in her chest for the way she had behaved. It wasn’t his fault her life was a skeleton of what she had hoped. It wasn’t his fault she was bitter and lonely…well, at least, not directly.

Cammy took a deep breath and stood up, her insides swimming around and her heart throbbing wildly against her breast bone. He was back.

Still she couldn’t believe it. For the last six hours she had gone from being numb and in total shock to actually feeling happy—to then disappointing herself with the idea he might be

married, might even have kids. She caught the edge of the desk as she stumbled over some badly placed files on the floor.

She was a mess; no longer the confident girl he used to know, no longer the happy-go- lucky person she once was, scarred and damaged in more ways than physical. Would Will even like her now? Not many did. She was often called surly and sulky.

She was neither.

Cammy was scared and pessimistic. It was not something she had learned to get over. Could anyone get over what she had endured?

She lifted her gaze just as her office door handle tilted and the door opened. Cammy’s heart gave a heavy thud inside her chest and her mind screamed—Will! But when Chris stepped through the doorway and into her small, scruffy office, she had to tug her face into an expression that didn’t show her disappointment.

It wasn’t Will.
But he was here, in her bar…
“Yes, Chris?” she asked, doing her best to smile. Surly and sulky; the words hurt,

especially because inside she was bright and friendly. Or, at least, she used to be.
Chris tilted his head to duck under the hanging light. He was tall and well built and he made her office feel cramped. He gave her a winning smile and ran his bar rag through his hands. Chris was lovely, a couple of years younger than Cammy, but he was a farmer’s lad and a bloody good barman to boot. He had often showed interest in Cammy, and if she had been anything like she used to be, she would have taken him up on his offer many a time. But

she was no longer that Cammy, and therefore she had never accepted his offer.
“The barrels need changing, so I could use your help on the bar,” he hedged. Cammy saw he was hanging back to ask something, and she knew it was about Will waiting in the bar. She nodded and tried to walk past him, but Chris took her arm gently. “Do you want me to send him away?” His voice was low and calm, but Cammy sensed something akin to aggression inher friend’s face.

Cammy tugged her arm free and shot Chris a scowl. “Why would you do that?” she asked, definitely feeling a ruffling of her feathers at his dictatorial tone.

“You don’t have people—men—asking for you often.” Chris tilted his head towards the bar. “And I don’t like the look he has in his eye.” 

Thank you for reading x




You can find The One That Got Away on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Secret Cravings publishing, goodreads, and Bookstrand x




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