The moment I will never forget…




It is not often that I blog about something very personal. I usually blog about books, things I have noticed and humour, but I have never blogged about a personal moment from my life. I always felt that i should keep that kind of stuff to myself. I do talk about my family and my kids, but usually it is really general stuff. Humorous things that tickle me.

Today, I am going to change this.

I wanted to share a personal moment from my life, a moment in time that I will cherish forever. A moment that I cannot get out of my mind.

As you know, I am a romance writer, a person who believes in love and the power of a good relationship. But I do live in the real world too. Life, and every day, is full of boring, routines that can, literally make you groan with depression. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my life, I LOVE my kids.I am not moaning about my down trodden life, because I feel very lucky. BUT, every day life is full of kids, housework, work, washing, dusting, hoovering…you get the gist.

Romance and passionate loving has no room in my bleach cleaned, kid busy day-to-day life. And I miss it.

So when my hubby suggested that we take a long weekend away, I said ‘yes’ faster than a second.

He booked for us to drive to Cannes–where the film festival is in France–and stay in a beautiful Chateau for two nights. *I know, squeeee* We left on the Saturday and drove the four hours to the beach town. When we got there, we checked in to the wonderful hotel and then we went to the beach to find somewhere to have dinner.

This is where my memory begins…  After we ate, we walked down to the sand and sat on the beach. And do you know what we did then?…..Nothing. 

Yep, nothing. We sat on the sand for hours talking, laughing and watching the beautiful sun set. Time just flew by as we listened to the waves sliding in and out. The sounds of people laughing and chatting in the distance were just a  low whisper against the lulling sounds of the beach. It was perfect, and something I can’t recall ever doing before. The sun set in a burning ball of orange fire, and light sparkled off the water like a million diamonds. I could have stayed there forever, with my husband’s arm around me and his deep voice in my ear.


That is the  special moment I cannot wipe from my mind. It keeps popping into my mind and making me smile. Our lives are so hectic, so fast paced, full of noisy kids, time tables and appointments. And we went to Cannes, and stopped. …we just stopped. And I loved every moment of it.

I would love to hear about your most romantic moment.

Thanks for reading.




3 thoughts on “The moment I will never forget…

  1. What a lovely weekend it must have been! It’s true, we are always running running running thinking about 1000 things at the same time running some more multitasking thinking we need to accomplish something tangible.

    Slowing down and really noticing things stays with us for so long!

    It’s not romantic in a mainstream sense, but I think it is somewhat romantic that my left-brained scientist husband has put up with right-brained me for so long. I do leave a lot of debris in the wake of creativity – not all apparent to the sensible-minded (and by ‘debris’ I mean trash rescues, paint stains, beads all over the floor, projects started but not finished yet,…). We see things literally (yes, I am using the word correctly!) from different angles. He plans and time-lines and allows for deviations – I wing it. He measures and calculates – I eyeball it. He approaches every task very scientifically – I go with my gut. He is over-punctual – I think 15 minutes late is very acceptable.

    So when he suggests to go out for dinner without checking the restaurant ratings and menu online and without making a reservation; when he brings me a pair of roller blades because that’s my ‘new fad’; when he goes to the beach with me in the middle of the winter because I missed it so much; when he indulges my late-night reading (for pleasure, not for education); when he picks a bunch of lily-of-the-valley because I mentioned how I adore their smell; when he doesn’t divorce me because I seem to drive him out of his mind – that is romance to me!


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