Fairy Tales. How do they fit into modern society?

I have just released a fairy tale retelling, and all of the chats and interviews I have done to publicise it have really got me thinking about what role Fairy Tales have in our modern society?

Years ago, women were brought up to believe that a woman’s role was to be a housewife and a mother, and a frequent ‘bed partner’ for a man—there were a few other jobs, but I am pretty sure they involved waiting on other people. (Hisssssss) And while I am not a feminist in any way, I hate that stereotype being made by anyone.

I am proud to show my daughter—and Son for that matter—that mummy is just as valuable as Daddy within the house and outside the home. That Mummy can pay the bills just as well as daddy—and that Daddy can do the washing just as well as mummy (Bar that one time he shrunk my favourite jumper…but we wont go there…) My son is learning to iron, just as my daughter will when she is older, and not so clumsy. LOL

I teach my children to respect everyone equally, and not to assume that anyone will do their jobs when they grow up.

That said. As soon as my daughter was old enough, I sat her in front of my favourite Disney Fairy Tale (Beauty and the Beast) and gushed at the romance, and the pretty dresses and the old fashioned values. I used her as an excuse to be able to watch them all over again. My daughter loved them, of course. Her favourite fairy tale is Enchanted.

In Enchanted, the princess goes on about ‘one true love’ and she hurries around doing the housework and shopping, and dressing like a pretty lady all the time. The stereotype is very strong in this film—even more so than some of the original tales.

Should this bother me? Should the idea that my daughter is forming an opinion about a woman’s place from watching/reading fairy tales?

Or, is it just a little girl seeing the pretty dresses and hearing the lovely songs, and that I, as a mum, wife and hater of all things domestic, am just seeing a jaded view of what a fairy tale is trying to promote?

Then I remembered how much my daughter loves Lady GaGa songs Rolls eyes and I realised, that just because a little girl enjoys to watch or listen—or dance to incessantly—to something it doesn’t mean that she wants to be that person. Or, I bloody hope not—not if she wants to be Lady GaGa, I think her Daddy would die! LOL But i think it shows me that little girls and little boys take values of others–friends, parents and external influences–and become their own person, with their down set of values. 

So, what do you think? Are Fairy Tales out-dated by our modern standards? Or are they just a story that taps into the imagination of every little girl?

Harmless fiction? Or an out-dated social standard we are still trying to instil in our kids?

*I do, however LOVE the fact the they promote ‘real’ love and Romance. It is something EVERYONE, not just little girls, should believe in* 


One thought on “Fairy Tales. How do they fit into modern society?

  1. I think that the views of romance all together has changed in our time. People don’t view it like they use to. I love the fairy tales that I use to read as a little girl . You would dream to one day fall in love with your own prince. I do wish that there was more romance in our time. Even old style type romance. Doing little things. As I’ve said, people have a very different view of romance now. some still believe in it and others just don’t.


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