A year ago…

So much has happened to me and my family in the last year. i feel so thankful, and totally floored by it all.

Exactly a year ago today, me and my amazing little family upped sticks and moved from the UK, to France. From the moment we crossed the channel our lives changes to much. Straight away, I fell in love with France and everything French. I have become absolutely obsessed with French history–and it is not often that I am far from a Brccante, or Vide Grenier collecting French antiques and French ‘bits and bobs’. LOL Much to my hubby’s distress.

Life is good.

After living in France for six months, I got my first contract for Running home. I celebrated like a nutcase, I probably screamed so loud, even the folks in OZ could have heard me. Finally, I had gotten a publishing contract! Six months after that, I have now signed another three contracts–for another five books.

In one year my life has literally done a complete 180. I emigrated, I Got three cats, a dog, an new and completely ridiculously uncontrollable obsession for French antiques, I made tons of new friends–AND I SIGNED FOUR PUBLISHING CONTRACTS!! and to top it all off–my kids are happy little people.

I really don’t believe that there is a happier–more contented person on the earth right now.

2011/2012 is  the best year of my life so far.

The only thing I wish I could change is, I wish my friends from the UK could be here with me. I MISS YOU ALL MADLY!


6 thoughts on “A year ago…

  1. Bravo !!
    You have been braved enough to change everything and bring your family over, and making the most of this opportunity to be what you were meant to be ! A talented writer ! Oh lala c’est bon..


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