Six Sentence Sunday

Hi Everyone!!!

Thanks for popping by!

This weeks six is from a contemporary romance called ‘Inevitable’ — I just signed a contract with Secret Cravings this last week for it, and I am super thrilled to share it with you guys!!! It should be available in August! WOOHOO!!

I hope you like it xx

Jack looked back over his shoulder at Sky and grinned. She had ditched that stuffy tailored jacket by throwing it over a bar stool, and her heels had been thrown–by him–out the window by the time she had had her third drink.  Sky was grinning from ear to ear, and laughing with head-thrown-back abandon, just like the old days.

She was stunning.

“So you and Sky, huh? I thought that ended three years ago when she left town?”

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8 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday

  1. Too bad we’re limited to six sentences. I want to know more about what happened between Jack and Sky in the past. Great six! 🙂


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