Its RELEASE DAY for my new novella THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY!!!!!!!

And to celebrate, I am doing a giveaway of a copy of ‘The One That Got Away’ AND a $10 Amazon voucher! AAAANNNND runner up prize is a $5 Secret Cravings Book voucher. *Happy Dancing*

So all you have to do, is leave me a comment answering the question ‘Have you ever lost a love?’ And I will choose TWO LUCKY WINNERS!!!! I will announce the winner some time next week.


When William Adams is forced to return to his home village to bury his drunk, violent father, memories of his first love rise. Driven from his childhood home at eighteen, William had begged his girlfriend Cammy, to go with him. With only a bag of clothes and a twenty pound note, he had nothing to offer her, except his love and devotion. When she refused to flee with him, Will was crushed. He left his town and his first love and vowed never to return.

Ten years later, regret and unfinished business force him to rescind his vow.

Camilia Jones, pub owner and bitter singleton is stuck in a rut. Constantly hurt by the popular misconception that she is miserable and surly, and not able to move past the attack that ruined her life and left her permanently scarred. She is tired, broken and utterly alone.  When William Adams, the man who stole her heart arrives back in the village, Cammy feels her old self come back to life

 Here is a little excerpt to get you warmed up….

Cammy stood before him. She seemed to stop herself from taking a step back and Will didn’t know what to say. She swallowed hard and then bit her bottom lip. Will watched with fascination, his heart hammering with the understanding that Cammy was no longer looking angry, no longer refusing to meet his gaze. She was staring right up at him, with…heat…in her eyes.

“Cammy,” he breathed. He sounded stunned, blindsided to his own ears. He stepped back and allowed her into the room, and he was utterly amazed when she smiled and followed him in. She awkwardly looked around, her gaze falling upon the bed, and Will had to fight the need that suddenly pulsed through his veins.

Not yours anymore…

“Can I get you—anything?” He coughed awkwardly when he remembered he was in a hotel room, and of course had nothing to offer—except maybe a bottle of water.

She grinned and shook her head, and then as if catching herself she dropped her gaze.

“Uh, I just wanted to—uhm…”

Will stepped closer and lifted her chin with his finger. She gasped but didn’t pull back. Her hazel eyes locked onto his and Will felt a tremor of desire roll over his spine, down his back and straight to his cock. She was beautiful.

“Don’t apologize—not to me.” His thumb stroked over her jaw. He wanted so desperately to touch her mouth, to kiss her lips until they were breathless like they used to be. But he didn’t know what she would do, and now he had her calm and gentle he wanted to keep her that way. But he still allowed his thumb to stroke her cheek.

“But I want to.” She spoke quietly. Will could still hear the desire in her voice. It was like a fire in his groin, an animal inside him that roared to get out.

Lust was painful when held back.



20 thoughts on “RELEASE DAY!!!!!!

  1. How exciting! Happy Release Day!!
    Yes, of course. I think us oldies-me have lost a love. Sometimes you just don’t know what you have. I still think of him sometimes. I guess I always will.

    mary_reiss @


  2. Happy Release Day, Kerrianne!! 🙂 HIp bump!

    No, I’ve never lost a love. I thought I had when I was 16, but things worked out better in the end.


  3. Congrats on the release. I have never lost a love, when I was younger, I thought I had. But after getting older, and gaining more life experiences I realized it was just crushes/puppy love/lust, lol.


  4. Happy Release Day! Love the blurb and would love to read it, but definitely adding it to my TBR list. And as for lost love, yes sadly I admit it was all my fault. I was young and felt pressured by others (see he was the brother of a co-worker), I’ve often wondered what if…


  5. Love lost? I’d say let go is more like. In the process of a divorce, circumstances deemed it necessary for us to separate if our children were to thrive. That was difficult, but the freedom that came with it has been amazing.
    Then I met a good match for me. We aren’t together at the moment due to life factors, but I never close the door on anything. If it’s not meant to be with him, then it will be someone else. Loving is a great thing! Sometimes you have to let it go and trust life will bring you what you need.

    CONGRATULATIONS on the new release! This story sounds amazing and I love the excerpt. WTG 🙂


  6. Happy Release Day Kerrianne!

    i think that if you are over the age of 16, now days that you have experienced the loss of a love. my love lost was actually when i was in my teens and i lost him to an illness. although we had broken up prior to his passing it was still a very hard thing to deal with.
    i still think about him sometimes and wonder what he would have been like now, but then i remember that God’s grace is perfect and i have to be glad he isn’t still here and suffering.

    so now that i have depressed everyone, i apologize and once again say Congratulations on the new book. i love the cover, it’s beautiful and i can’t wait to read it.

    tammy ramey


  7. I lost mine the first time when being apart and jealousy got in the way. Then I lost him again this past October, when cancer took his life. I had been working on the courage to contact him again, but Time ran out. And I discovered my earlier attempt had gotten lost in the mail.


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