Excerpt for ‘The One that Got Away’




I am so happy to announce that ‘The One that Got Away’ will be available from Secret Cravings Publishers on the 6th April!! So exciting!!!!!!!

And as there is only a week left to go, I thought  would give you all a little taster.



Will stood opposite Cammy and his hackles rose. Why wouldn’t she look at him? Why had she told that lump to send him away? The sickeningly superior look that barman—Chris—had given him had nearly earned the man a black eye. But when he’d seen the startled look in Cammy’s eyes he’d been able to control his temper.

He watched with increasing unease as her hands fluttered all over her desk as if looking for something. Her once always-immaculate nails looked pretty and clean, but certainly not polished. Will tried to tell himself he had caught her unaware, she hadn’t known he was coming, but something told him Cammy no longer polished herself as she once had.


She fussed and busied, never once looking up. Not even once did she acknowledge his presence. The longer this awkward charade went on, the more annoyed Will became. He couldn’t watch her fumble around anymore; it was painful to see.

“Cammy?” He spoke, and broke the brittle air with his deep voice. Cammy stilled, her hand-fluttering stopped, but still she didn’t look up.


Where was the fire from earlier? Where was the anger she had shown to him? Even that was better than this.


“What do you want, Will?” she asked, halting his words. Then she looked up, but she didn’t look at him for more than three seconds before she turned and stared out of her window. She had given him her back—and fuck, if that didn’t just make Will’s blood boil.

“What the fuck!” he snapped. Her slim shoulders tensed under her heavy woolen sweater, but she still didn’t look at him. “Why are you treating me like this?” he asked feeling exasperated and quite frankly hurt. His chest pulled tight, as if pushed by a solid hand. Rejection from Cammy did strange things to him. It stirred his temper and tugged at his heart. If he was completely honest, he’d never imagined she would be so cold. He had not for a second imagined than she would welcome him with anything but open arms. And he couldn’t for the life of him imagine why not.

After all, ten years had flowed since the day she had allowed him to walk away – the day she had said no.

She shook her head, but still bloody didn’t look at him. Will had had enough, he stalked around her desk and tugged at her shoulder, probably too roughly, but he had to see the expression in her hazel eyes. She kept her face tipped down and Will almost growled in anger. He gripped her cheeks with both hands and bent her head back.

Pain, hurt and fear shone back at him and Will almost staggered under the emotional attack her gaze gave to his senses. Her eyes glittered with unshed tears and Will burned to remove that look from her eyes. But as he held her, he couldn’t help but allow his gaze to wander over her much-missed features, to remember what he once considered his.

So long he had dreamed of touching her, holding her again—and here he was, gripping her face once again. She had the most wonderful cheekbones, so stark and pronounced, and he remembered quite clearly now all the times he ran his lips and tongue all over them. Her beautiful naturally sun-kissed skin felt soft under his unyielding hands. Dimly he thought he was being too rough, holding her with too much strength. He was just about to loosen his grip when his hungry eyes fell upon a scar that ran along her jaw line and under that ridiculously high sweater neckline.


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