Six Sunday!


Hello Everyone!!!! I actually get to play this week!!!!!! *Yippee*

Thanks for popping by.

This is six from my the first book in my ‘Demon Fairy Tale’ series coming out with SCP in May. This one is Beauty and the Beast–The Demon Tale.

Enjoy x

Cally walked on shaky legs down the stone steps leading from her room. Her body felt laden and unresponsive, as her mind screamed and railed against her fate. Two guards walked beside her as she made her way to the great hall where the guests had been placed.

The closer she came, the louder her thoughts grew. Panic clawed at her throat and despair swept through her in waves of swirling dizziness.Her body suddenly heated, and Cally could do nothing to hold back the vomit rising in her throat. 

I just love the SEXY DISNEY PRINCES!!!


To read all of the SIX SUNDAY clips click here


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