Finally, it is relase day for my debut novel RUNNING HOME!!! I cant believe that the day has arrived! My journey to publication has been so much fun, and i cant wait to share one of my stories with you!!

GIVEAWAY!!!!! Comment to be in with a chance to win a PDF version of Running home. I am busting to share it–so if the comments are good, i may share more than one copy!!! *Bounces* I might even throw in a pretty bookmark too!!!

Here is a little excerpt to get you a little warmed up!

“Let me help you, Jo.”

“It’s dangerous for you to know what my husband did to me. It is dangerous for you to know anything about him.” Her voice was a broken whisper in the quiet cottage.

“Let me in.” He stroked his thumb over her bottom lip and found delight in the way her breath shortened at his touch. “Jo.” He dipped closer to that perfect mouth, the pull almost magnetic. He was a starving animal drawn to food. He had a need to quench a thirst he’d never known he had until he met this woman.

He waited for a split second to allow her to move away if she wanted. He didn’t want her to feel pressured, but, God, he wasn’t sure how long he could control himself. The temptation of her boiled his blood and set fire to his veins. The heavy thickness of his arousal pushed against his light jogging bottoms and begged him to take her.

“Tom.” She whispered his name like a prayer, a promise, a wish. The sound of his name on her lips unraveled the last tenuous hold he had on his all-consuming needs and the pounding ache in his groin took control.

“I have you, sweetheart.” He pressed his lips against hers. He meant to go slowly, to be gentle, but the moment she gripped his shoulders, Tom opened his mouth and felt her tongue swipe over his. The taste of her tongue lit a fire in his blood. He groaned with restrained passion and pushed his hands into her hair, feeling her melt beneath him, allowing him whatever his body asked.

“Oh, God, Jo.” He moved his mouth from her lips to her neck. She let out a gasp when he nibbled at the soft flesh of her shoulder and the sound shot straight to his balls. Her fingers dug into his scalp as she breathed and sighed into the air. Tom pressed her into the sofa, rose above her, and looked into her passion-soaked eyes.

“You are beautiful.” He spoke from the depth of his soul. The words were the most honest thing he had ever said and they fell from his mouth so easily. She stared back at him, doubt reflected in her eyes. It tugged at something deep within him. The need to make her believe him washed over Tom. It was a strong, hot emotion that made him thread his fingers into her hair, clasp her neck, and pull her into another hard kiss.

So if you want a copy, pop over to Secret Cravings Publishing! Here is the linky poo’s


11 thoughts on “RUNNING HOME–RELEASE DAY!!!!!!!

  1. Hi

    Congratulations on your release! May it be one of many more to come. Your book sounds so good – love those h/h with tortured souls that will heal each other.




  2. Congrats on your release day of your very first book!!! How incredibly exciting!!! I’m so happy for you. Enjoy this feeling, it’s such a rush 🙂 I LOVE the premise of your book and I wish you great success and many, many sales!!


    Daisy Dunn


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