Six Sentence Sunday



Hi Everyone!!!!

Well, I am just stepping out of the editing hole *Blinks in the bright light* to play SSS. How are you all??

Thanks for popping in, I love seeing your comments!

 I have had some AWESOME news in the last two weeks. I have just signed my third contract with Secret Cravings for my three-book series of Demon Fairy Tales WHOOP!!! The first one is called Beauty and the Beast–The Demon Tale, and will be out in May!!

But, before then I have got a sweet little erotic romance Called The One That Got Away coming out in April,  and this is where I have taken my six from…

Please enjoy xx

God, to think he had been building a life in his mind, when she was just playing him.

He fisted his hands and leant against the cool tile wall of the shower and ground his teeth together. It shouldn’t hurt this much. Damn, he had had many one night stands, many a free fuck that he could happily walk away from. So why was this so fucking hard?

Because it was Cammy


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