Guest Blog Post By Dawne Prochilo


For years before I started writing professionally, my mind was full of scenes. Bits and pieces of dialogue. Characters and their personalities. Visions of someone’s life being played out in my head like a mini-movie.

 So where do the ideas for my books come from? Aside from a deep crevice of my overactive imagination…they derive from real life experiences, witnessing an intriguing person in my travels and sometimes even from reading a story in the newspaper. It’s quite amazing how my mind works. I don’t question it…I just let it roll.

 I find testing my writing abilities is best when I write about a subject or topic I know absolutely nothing about. I’ve never experienced sex with another female but I wrote an entire novella based on F/F activity. When I first wrote Rachel’s Desire, I never told a soul. Not from embarrassment but because I was unsure of my writing ability to pull off a believable girl on girl novel. Mission accomplished and I loved it so much I have a series of F/F I’m working on.

 I’ve never been a partner in a menage but I have written two novellas about them. One came out in October 2011, an anthology with Romance Divine. I’m tucked perfectly between fellow erotic romance authors Jodi Olson and Elizabeth Black- who just happen to be two of my mentors and closest female friends. My second menage is still waiting to be polished, caressed and stroked before I feel comfortable enough to send it out. *Posting- menage of M/F/M needs happy home within a publisher- interested parties, please contact me*

 It’s exhilarating when I can write an entire novel created solely by my imagination. I find such self-gratification in this.

 Sometimes it scares me how twisted my mind can be. If you had asked me ten years ago what I’d be doing today, I doubt I’d say I’d be writing erotic romance, menage scenes and sex articles online. I wasn’t a prude by any means, I just didn’t know what my brain was telling me. Now I do and I’m happy to have such a great relationship with my mind and the extent of my creativity is overwhelming some days.

 I wouldn’t change one aspect of my life, my writing career or my dreams. I may not be a NY Times Best Selling author but I am doing what I love and have a tremendous support system.

Dawne Prochilo’s books-

Crape Myrtle- June 2009
On Her Own- July 2009
Sex Sells- Feb 2011
Room 11- Feb 2011
Rachel’s Desire- March 2011
When We Meet Again- May 2011
His Holiday Seduction- Oct 2011
Insatiable Kate- Oct 2011
On Her Own (re-release)- Nov 2011
Wildfire Beach- Nov 2011
A Cougar’s Revenge- 2012
Callie’s Way- Jan 2012*
Lynn’s Chance- March 2012*
Weekend Retreat- April 2012
Melody’s Dance- May 2012*
Tessa’s Passion- July 2012*



3 thoughts on “Guest Blog Post By Dawne Prochilo

  1. Do you ever write a story that you imagined yourself in? I know I have stories I can come up with that are clearly other people. Then there are ones where the main character is more a slightly altered me. Have you had those and ever written one into a book?

    Just curious. 🙂

    Oh, and how’s that challenge going?


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