Guest Blog Post By Carol Preflatish


E-book: computer, reader, or phone


   I’d like to thank Kerrianne for inviting me here today. I recently released my second romantic suspense book, “Saved by the Sheriff” available at Secret Cravings Publishing, and my web page is at

   I’d like to talk about the different ways to read e-books. I admit it I used to be one of those people who said about e-books, “I just have to have that feel of a book in my hands.”

   Boy, was I ever wrong. I’ve had my Kindle for about a year now and I love it. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t given up my print books, but an e-book reader is so convenient. Whenever I would fly somewhere on a trip, I always had to decide what book I wanted to read on the plane. On one particular trip, I took a book I had already started reading and another one to read when I finished the first. When I started reading the second book on the return trip, I found it to be boring and couldn’t finish it. So, I was stuck with nothing to do for the rest of the flight.

   Last summer, on a trip to visit my daughter, I took my Kindle to read. Before leaving, I found three free Kindle novels and downloaded them. On the flight, I tried reading the first two, but neither held my interest. The third one, however, was wonderful. I had forty books on my Kindle to choose from, if I needed to. Can you imagine taking that many books on a flight?

   When my first book came out, I had a friend who wanted to read it, but she didn’t have an e-reader. I told her that the Amazon web site had a free app to download to read a Kindle book on your laptop. I had to agree with her when she said she didn’t want to read a book sitting for so long at her computer. I knew what she meant because that’s how I started out reading e-books. Even though I could sit on the couch with my laptop and read, it still was uncomfortable.

   I then suggested that she check out the Kindle free apps for cell phones. They had the app for her particular phone, she downloaded it, and that’s how she read my book. If you can manage to read an e-book that way, that’s great. For me, well, my eyes are a little too old and tired to read that much on such a small screen.

   The next device I want is one of the color e-readers. I’ll probably stick with Amazon and get a Kindle Fire. I have a friend who purchased a lesser-known and lesser-priced brand and she reads Kindle books on it.

   So, how about you? What type of device do you use to read e-books, or have you refused to give up your print versions? Let me know.


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