Interview with Diana Sheridan

Hi Diana! Thanks for popping over to my little blog.

1 We have the blurb, but would you mind telling us a little bit about the story – in your own words?

I pretty much did that in the blurb—and those are my own words. It’s a hot—as in scorching—love story between two men who love each other, but one doesn’t want to live in the closet, while the other hasn’t come out to his family, who are homophobes. It’s a story anyone can relate to who has ever loved or been attracted to someone their family does not or would not approve of, and anyone who has ever kept an important secret from their family or someone else close to or important to them.

2 How did you come up with the idea?

Honestly I don’t know where my story ideas come from. Some fevered part of my brain, I suppose. LOL. Strange are the workings of the human mind. I can tell you that I do better at coming up with plots and suchlike when I’m lying down, rather than when I’m sitting at the keyboard. Many are the naps that never happened for me because when I lay down my brain went into high gear and instead of falling asleep I found myself constructing a plot.

3 In your story the main character is forced to make a tough decision – choose family or love. How did you tackle such a sensitive issue?

With honesty and sensitivity…or at least, I hope so. In the end, that’s up to the reader to decide.

4 What do you think makes a good love story?

Likable characters whom the reader can like too, and who demonstrably care about each other. I try to give my characters some personality, and most of them seem to have senses of humor as well. I don’t consciously set out to give them senses of humor, but it always seems to work out that they do. Characters who are human, believable, and of course likable are easier to cheer for.

5 How do you get into the writing mood? Me? I love silence and a cup of coffee to hand.

I’m almost always in a writing mood. I love to write! Unless I have something troubling on my mind or have had a really bad night’s sleep and my brain is foggy.

6 How do you juggle life and writing?

Writing pretty much is my life! I mean, I do have a Significant Other, and friends, and family, but I don’t have young kids and I don’t have a dayjob—I write 7 days/week, just not in the evenings.  Of course I don’t write ALL day—there are other things a writer has to do…like write promo, answer questionnaires like this one, answer email, and I do have a few other work interests besides writing. But I spend a goodly chunk of every day writing, for sure!

7 When you are not writing, editing, which authors do you like to read?

I don’t have a fave author. My tastes are eclectic, though they run more to nonfiction than to fiction.

8 You have Finding Mr Wright, and Man To Man Firsts available. Are there any other books in the pipeline for us to look forward to?

Oh yes! Following Finding Mr. Wright, Siren BookStrand has scheduled Mating Michael, Hitting the Hot Notes, Caught in a Web of Intrigue, and Trent’s Torrid Tempter. I just sent them another book the other day, which I am waiting for a response to. I have another male/male novel, this one a post-apocalyptical one, out for consideration at another publisher. And in addition to Man-to-Man Firsts, Secret Cravings Publishing has released Cherry Pickers and You’ve Got Male, and will be releasing several others. SCP also has accepted a male/female novella, “Toying” with Her Affections. (Yes, sex toys figure into the plot.) And then, of course, there are a slew of books coming out in my true name—which I’m not sharing here—but they are not romances.

9 Now some silly questions; Paperback book or e-reader?

Actually I just got my first e-reader yesterday. A business associate gifted me with an Amazon Gift Card for enough money that I was able to purchase a Kindle, and it just arrived in yesterday’s mail. I don’t have any books loaded into it yet, though. I don’t even know how yet! LOL.

Movie or documentary?

If required to watch one or the other, I’d choose a documentary, but the reality is that I don’t normally watch movies of any kind. I prefer to read.

Snow or sun?


10 What was your New Year Resolution?

Actually I never make New Year’s resolutions.


Realizing he is gay but unable to come out of the closet in small-town Idaho, or continue living a lie there, Seth Danninger moves to a progressive South Carolina town, where he meets and falls in love with Evan Wright. The relationship progresses—and the reader is given all the hot details—till Seth reaches the point that he wants to marry Evan in New York, where gay marriage is legal. Seth, however, is not out as gay to his family, and Evan does not want to be hidden in a closet, so Even gives Seth an ultimatum: Introduce Evan to Seth’s family or lose him. But Seth’s dad is a raging homophobe with no use for any gay guys. Seth knows only too well what will happen if he comes out as gay to his father, let alone introducing Evan as his fiancé! As for Seth’s mother, while she’s not the anti-gay extremist that Seth’s dad is, she’s unenlightened and in no way progressive. Seth is caught in a bind: If he fails to face up to his family, he cannot marry the man he loves and risks lose him altogether. Yet if he does come out to his family, he risks losing their love. Will Seth face up to his family and endure the consequences…or will he lose the love of Evan?

If you want to pick up a copy of Finding Mr Wright click here


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