Interview with Sable Hunter *ADULT CONTENT*


 I am so happy to have Sable Hunter here to talk about her book A Wishing Moon. She has also been kind enough to offer a free copy of one of her books ‘A wishing moon or Trouble or unchained melody to one person who leaves a comment xx

Hi Sable. Thank you so much for stopping by my little blog. I love chatting to other Authors, and I can’t wait to hear about you and your books.

 I write erotic romances that run the gamut from cowboys toNew Orleanswitches toTexasgood old boys that play football one day and ride bulls the next.  I grew up in southLouisianaalong the mysterious bayous where the Spanish moss hangs thick over the dark waters.  The culture ofLouisianahas shaped my outlook on life and finds its way into my paranormal romances where the supernatural is entirely normal.   Presently, I live inTexasand spends most of my time in wild and wonderfulAustin.  In the spring, my home sits in a field of bluebonnets.  While writing takes up a lot of my time, I also love to cook Cajun, Creole and Tex-Mex.  I am passionate about animals and have been known to charm creatures from a one ton bull to a family of raccoons.  For fun, I have been known to haunt cemeteries and battlefields armed with night vision cameras and digital recorders hunting proof that love survives beyond the grave.  I write for Secret Cravings Publishing and also self-publish.  I have written ten books and have several coming out in the next year.  Series are my favorites to write and I five ongoing right now and the readers get really excited about the cowboy ones – and they are my favorite too.   

2.  Your book ‘A wishing Moon’ is out now and available to buy (The link will be posted below). We have the blurb but why don’t you tell us a little about the story, in your own words.

A Wishing Moon is published by Secret Cravings Publishing and is first in the Moon Magick series about family of powerful women who practice theNew Orleansform of witchcraft – hoodoo.  It has a sequel – Sweet Evangline which will come out fromSCPthis month – December.  A Wishing Moon is special to me because it celebrates myNew Orleansroots and myTexasconnections. The heroine – Arabella – lives in the Texas Hill Country but her grandmother and other family members keep close tabs on her.  She begins having dreams about this hot guy and they can’t keep their hands off of each other.  And then she realizes that its not exactly a dream – the marks he puts on her in her sleep are still there the next morning.  So, Arabella begins to use her witchy skills to find out who this man is and how she can find him in real life.  She finally locates him – he has been hurt in a rock climbing accident and is paralyzed from the waist down.  He doesn’t realize that the dreams he is having are anything but dreams, but they are his only joy and his only escape.  The hero is a conservativeTexascongressman and when Arabella and her family heal him, he discovers that she is exactly what he needs.  Together they solve a murder, catch a serial killer and have some of the hottest sex imaginable.     

3. Where did you get the idea/ inspiration for this book?

I grew up inNew Orleansand lived around people for whom the supernatural was entirely natural.  It was nothing for them to go to Mass in the morning and make a mojo bag in the afternoon.  In the book I use ‘real’ spells and incantations that were given to me by folks that do that stuff all the time.  In A Wishing Moon, I also dealt with prejudice – the tendency people have to judge others who believe differently or choose to live a unique lifestyle.  The hero in this book is a ‘conservative’ and he learns that true love and value can not be defined along party lines.  It was cathartic in a way – I got to work through a lot of personal issues while writing it. 


 4. A wishing Moon is a paranormal book, but you also write contemporary erotic romance. Which do you prefer to write

While I enjoy the paranormal – because I’ve always loved spooky stuff and I even ghost hunt! – – I would rather write the cowboy contemporary.  They are more popular with my readers and I can write them easier.  After all – they say – “Write what you know” – and I do knowTexasgood ole’ boys. I’m surrounded by them! 

5  I love the line on your blog – ‘And orgasms only come in multiples’ … How do you tackle a good – hell yeah – sex scene?

 My books are erotic romances so I try to live up to the buzz.  I start the sex scenes in my books early and have at least one per chapter.  And they are graphic and they do turn me on.  That’s my gauge – how can I expect them to turn other folks on if they do nothing for me.  I tried – at one time – to write sweet romance but I would get so frustrated.  Standing at the bedroom door and just wondering what is going on ‘behind closed doors’ is not for me.  My faithful readers say that I write luscious sex and one has categorized my stories as ‘tenderporn’.  Sounds good to me.  Also, I have found out that I have a kinky side!  Oh my goodness!  I’ve ordered sex toys for research – and used them.  I went to the western store the other day to find a quirt – just so I would know what it felt like (you know to hold- yeah right).  I found some on the wall where they had the tack stored and I was standing there in a pair of tight pink jeans, a pink camisole – sandals and my hair up in a pony tail with a pink bow.  I looked like cotton candy.  And I took that quirt and popped myself on the butt.  I squealed and jumped and giggled and popped myself again.  That’s when I heard this male guffaw and clearing of the throat behind me – – – – – I was caught!  And he was cute.  And I’ll leave the rest of it to your imagination.   

 6.  . When a story strikes, how do you begin? Are you a plotter, or do you just start and see where the story takes you?

 My writing style is a gumbo of techniques.  I plot to a certain extent – I sit down and make up the backgrounds to my characters and I define 5 hooks and 5 problems and 5 fun things and 10 – (count them) 10 sexual encounters.  I’ve written 10 books with 10 sex scenes per book so I’m always haunting Cinemax late night for sexual inspiration – I love my job.  Then I do a brief outline and start – I don’t always stay on the outline, but it helps.  My biggest problem is that I rush the emotion – I can have the whole book wrapped up in 3 chapters and I have to go back and slow things down and stretch it out – build tension and cause the characters problems.  I’m like a hound dog – I smell that happy ending and I bay all the way home. I write the best in the mornings when I’m fresh, but I’ve been known to write late at night in my recliner with my laptop on my tummy and my wiener dog laying by me for support.  I love to drink Mike’s hard lemonade – it seems to bring out my sexy side and sustenance that helps is BBQ fritoes and sour pickles – and no I’m not pregnant – but my heroines tend to get that way – I wish I knew what was causing that.   ?  I am in charge of my girls – because they are all me.  I write myself into every story.  All of my insecurities – foibles – habits – idiosyncrasies – they are all there.  So, I can pretty well control myself.  But those men!  No, I can’t do much with them.  I created this one character –  he is in TROUBLE’s sequel  – My Aliyah.  Ty is a Texas Ranger who witnesses a Mexican drug lord assassinate another ranger.  To keep Ty alive his boss hires this Mossad agent to protect him.  The only problem – she’s a woman and Ty thinks he is about to lose his mancard.  He is such a turd – he’s competitive and hard-headed and arrogant and she enjoys taking him down a peg.  I thought I had him all figured out until he walked in the door one day with a bouquet of wild flowers behind his back – shocked the hell out of me.

7. Do you have any other stories in the pipeline? 

Yes, I am writing the fourth in my Hell Yeah! Series.  This one will be ‘Badass’, he is the fourth McCoy Brother – the wild child.  His brothers are cowboys and run a ranch – but he rides a motorcycle and owns a bar.  In this last book, it was discovered that isn’t all he does – he is a Dom – which explains all that leather.  His love interest will be Avery – the local Baptist preacher’s daughter who has loved him for years, but he has pushed her away because he thinks he’s not good enough for her.  The last time we saw Avery she was calling a brothel in Nevada– seeking a little on the job training.  Now – that’s going to be a roller-coaster ride – I’m looking forward to it myself.     I’m also starting a new series set in Louisiana.  The first is Burning Love – the hero is a Cajun who owns a weapons business and runs a reptile preserve.  He is sexy, irreverent and alpha to the bone.  Beau grew up on the streets of New Orleansand was forced into a shelter to work as a pickpocket for some crooks who preyed upon drunk Mardi Gras Revelers – there he meets Nada, a young girl who steals his heart and makes it possible for him to escape. 
He gets help and goes back after her but is told that it is too late – she’s dead.  But Nada lived and grew up – transforming herself from a scared runaway into a successful woman.  She joined the Navy at 17 and found she had an aptitude for defusing bombs – so now she is a contractor – goes where no one else can and diffuses bombs that no one else will risk.  She moves toSouth Louisiana for a quite homebase and walks into Firepower Munitions – and there is Beau.  She recognizes him, but he doesn’t recognize her – and the sparks fly.  It’s going to be fun.        

 8.  When you have time, what books/ which authors do you like to read? 

My TBR pile is in a kindle and consists of offerings by Cherise Sinclair, Heather Ranier, Sophie Oake, Maya Bank and Lorelei James.

 9. What do you think is the secret to a good romance? 

It is my opinion that the secret of a good romance is a combination of tears, laughs and lust.  I want a story to touch my heart.  The books I write always has a hook that speaks to me – like prejudice, body issues, disease, handicap – something that will make a mountain for my people to climb.  And I work humor in – I save up a lot of real life funny stuff to work in to my books.  A lot of time when you read my stories you are getting a glimpse into my life.  If you pull a joke at my house – eventually it will end up in a book. 

And the sex – well, I like it hot and I strive to write stories that make my readers ask for more.   

 10. And because it is the month of December and Christmas is just around the corner, What are you hoping for in your stocking this year?

Well, I won’t get it for Christmas – but it’s coming.  I want a new car.  A Jaguar – convertible – two seater.  I have it picked out and I know exactly how many books I have to sell to get it.

Here is a hot little excerpt for you. Enjoy… 😉

Annalise didn’t say anything else. She couldn’t. The words were stuck in her throat. Now was the time, she had to do it now, but she couldn’t find her voice.

“Lise, what are you doing here?”

He wasn’t going to make this easy. Well, here goes. “Ethan—oh, this is so hard.” He moved even closer to her.

“What’s hard, Lise?”

She bowed her head and looked at the floor then she began to speak, in words so low he had to bend near to hear them. “Would you make love to me, please?” She tensed waiting for his response.

He didn’t move.

He said nothing.

Oh, God, he didn’t want her!

She stood there for another second then with a harsh intake of breath, she jerked around turning to go. In shame, she twisted the doorknob and the door opened a fraction.

Then it slammed shut.


He had moved—one hand holding the door closed—the other wrapping around her waist pulling her back against him, tight. His erection was huge against her hips. He pushed her hair away, so his lips could find the skin of her neck. His hands covered both breasts. “You want me to make love to you?” His hands began to move, massaging her breasts through the soft gown and robe.

“Oh, yes, please.” She leaned back into him, raising her arms to caress his face and hair. One of his hands left her breasts and slid down to cup her mons. She gasped at the luxurious contact of his fingers caressing her through the silky fabric. She attempted to turn in his arms, hungry for his mouth. He allowed the movement. Her eyes had adjusted to the dim light. He was so beautiful. Standing on tiptoe to gain better access to his lips, she found he was majestically nude! She ran her hands up his chest and over his shoulders. This time she held nothing back. She pushed her tongue between his lips and kissed him wildly. She couldn’t get close enough to him. Her hands tangled in his thick dark hair and she tugged at it gently. Her hips were beginning to make little movements, pressing her flat stomach against his engorged cock.

He took all he could stand then he picked up the gown and robe from the bottom and pulled them over her head in one movement. He flung them to the floor, picked her up and carried her to his bed, laying her down gently. “Get down, Mojo.” He ordered the little dachshund to her other bed on the floor. Gently, he removed the slippers from her feet, then standing over her, he allowed his eyes to rake over her shapely body. “Are you sure, Lise?”

“Ethan, I want you more than anything.” He stood there for a moment more, Annalise realized he was trembling. The pale moonlight allowed her to see him, his thick maleness jutting straight out. Then she realized if she could see him that well, he could also see her. Her legs had spread wide, unconsciously inviting him in. Quickly, she closed her legs together tightly, hoping he had not focused his eyes on the ugliness.

He hadn’t seemed to notice. He knelt by the bed and placed his head on the smooth, warm skin of her middle. “Lise, oh Lise—I have dreamed of this for so long.” He placed sweet, tender kisses on her midriff and then up in the valley between her breasts.

She cradled his head. “I’ve dreamed of loving you for six years.” She touched his shoulder, urging him to join her on the bed.

He didn’t have to be asked twice. He stretched out beside her, placing one arm under her head. He kissed her eyes, her nose, her cheeks, her lips, again, again and again. His hand smoothed over her body from shoulder to hip.

She couldn’t wait any longer. Her hand reverently touched his manhood. He gasped with joy. She caressed him, soothing her fingers up and down the velvety skin covering the quivering steel. “You feel so good in my hand. I want to kiss you.” He leaned over to capture her lips. “No, I want to kiss you here.” She squeezed his shaft gently.

He lay back and she knelt beside him. She pressed light, feathery kisses all over the head of his penis then accepted him into her hot, wet mouth. His hips bucked upward as her tongue encircled the tip, around and around. He drew his breath in sharply as she took more and then more of him into her mouth.

“Stop,” he cried. “I want to be inside you, now!”

She lay back gratefully; ready to accept him between her thighs. Again, forgetting her shame, she spread her legs wide. He took no notice of the scars. Carefully he pushed one finger deep inside of her, ensuring she was ready to receive him. “Ethan, don’t make me wait!” she begged. He didn’t.

He raised her knees and positioned her to receive him. He watched as the head of his penis nudged at the gate of her eager tunnel. Just the head entered her and she gasped. Then he pushed in another inch and she lifted her hips in gratitude. Another inch and she tossed her head from side to side. “Oh, God—it feels so good!”

“You are so tight!” he moaned. When he said those words she froze. What could he see? In her delirium, she had forgotten and spread herself open to his gaze. She looked up to meet his eyes, dreading what she would see. What she saw on his face was ecstasy. He pushed into her further, he was so unbelievably thick. She couldn’t maintain her concern, the incredible feeling of being filled, of being taken, of being possessed was overwhelming. When he buried himself to the hilt, she wrapped her legs around his hips and urged him to move.

He groaned as she caressed his rod with the muscles of her sheath. “Sweetheart, please, just be still for a moment. I’m going to come too fast.” He lay down on her and tried to slow his breathing and his heartbeat. “It’s been so long for me, almost two years.”

“It’s been two years since you made love?” she asked him gently, kissing him on the side of his face.

“It’s been two years since I had sex; it’s been six years since I made love.” The words were so sweet she tightened around him again, involuntarily. “Oh, baby—I can’t wait, I’m sorry, I may not be able to last long.”

“Don’t wait. I want it hard and fast,” she whispered in his ear and he began to pump into her, holding nothing back. The sensations were incredible. Annalise luxuriated in the deep strokes. He leaned down and captured her nipple in his mouth, sucking as if nourishing his soul. She arched her back, giving him greater access. Reveling in the reality of actually making love to Ethan again, she let go—freeing herself from the burden of secrecy and shame. They were making love and it was glorious! Annalise lifted her hips, meeting each thrust. The tension built, his pelvis grinding against her clitoris with each downward stroke. The tension became unbearable, her climax came in waves, she cried out his name, “Oh, Ethan!”

The sound of her rapture pushed him over the edge. She watched his face as he came, shooting his cum deep with her. He thrust as hard into her as he could and then held it there grinding himself against her. Annalise milked him with her sheath, watching the emotions play across his face. He was the most beautiful man in the world. When he lay exhausted across her breasts, she kissed his face. “Thank you,”

He did not turn loose of her, he merely moved over beside her, holding on lest she slip from his grasp. “I am so happy.” He rose up and leaned his head on his hand, so he could look at her face in the moonlight.

She traced his lips, he kissed her fingers. “I had no hope I would ever get to love you again,” Annalise spoke softly. “I missed you so.” He lay down beside her, pulling her over until her head rested on his chest. They slept.

If you would like to buy a copy of this book click here *Points to link*



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