Guest Blog with Heather Thurmeier

Today I welcome – with open arms and a hot mug of cocoa – Heather Thermeier to talk about her book Bunny Hills and Bikinis, and the path that brought her to her beautiful cover.

Winning Combo

 Coming up with a title you love can be a real challenge. Add in having to come up with cover design on your own and things get real tricky really quickly. But finding that winning combo between cover and title is so important if you hope to catch reader’s attention and convince them to buy your books.

 I knew I wanted my husband to draw my cover, which he did—eventually. But before he could, I had to decide on a title. After many brainstorming sessions, imploring the help of my friends and family, and finally taking a poll, I decided on BUNNY HILLS AND BIKINIS. I wanted something that showed the books was fun and flirty, something that told a little of what the book was about and something that was memorable.

 Then came the problem of the cover art. Now that we had a title, we started playing around with designs. I’ve always loved this one scene in the book where Amelia crashes into Nate on the ski slopes. Here’s a small snippet of that scene:

 “Really? Knocking you into a snow bank and landing on top of you isn’t too much for you? It doesn’t strike you as being completely humiliating for me?”

He liked a girl who wasn’t afraid to make fun of herself or her situation. “Honestly, I could think of worse places to be right now rather than lying pinned underneath you.” He sighed and attempted to shrug although it was challenging in his current position. “All things considered, this really isn’t so bad.”

It was one hundred percent true. There were many worse places he could imagine being, and not one of them had to do with the girl lying on top of him. It felt so good to have her pressed against his body like this. It had been a while since he’d been intimate with anyone—no one at recent workshops had interested him much lately.

Amelia interested him plenty.

 I think my husband did a great job capturing the moment. With a sexy smile and an intimate position, he made the book look every bit as fun and flirty as it is inside the pages. In this case I think we hit the mark trying to find a winning combo. The title is memorable, and the cover is eye catching.

 How do you come up with your winning combo? Do you slave over the perfect title? Do you give your cover artist a detailed cover sheet or do you say very little, giving them freedom to create whatever they like?

 Heather Thurmeier

~Heart, humor and a happily ever after



 Twitter: @hthurmeier

 Facebook: Heather Thurmeier, author


 Amelia Brooks agrees to a weekend retreat in California, thinking it will be held in sunny Malibu only to find out she’s stuck in chilly Lake Tahoe for four long days—just what a girl from Minnesota wants to hear in the middle of winter. Now instead of wiggling her toes in the sand, her feet are squeezed into her new manufactured-by-Satan-himself-uncomfortable boots. If that’s not enough, Amelia’s obnoxious colleague William has decided this is the weekend they’ll finally be together and he won’t keep his thoughts—or his hands—to himself.

Amelia’s ready to kick off those boots and peel off her wooly sweater once she meets Nate Miller—the workshop’s hunky presenter. But Nate’s not ready to settle down. He’s seen his workshop buddies fall in love then fall out of the running for being promoted to the big city workshop circuit and he’s not about to let that happen to his life’s dream—until he gets involved with Amelia. Now he’s not so sure he can walk away at the end of the weekend with his heart intact and his promotion in hand.

Now Amelia’s got four days to stave off William’s persistent advances long enough to fall in love with Nate and possibly…learn to ski the bunny hill.

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 Thank you so much heather for stopping by!


2 thoughts on “Guest Blog with Heather Thurmeier

  1. Hi Jessica! Titles can be so much fun to brainstorm if you have someone great to brainstorm with!

    Thanks for having me on your blog today, Kerrianne!


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