Interview with Author Daisy Dunn

I am so happy today because Daisy Dunn, romance writer and self-profesed prairie girl has stopped by my blog to tell us about her new Christmas release – Christmas Stockings. AND one reader/commenter will win a copy of the book – Just answer this question to be in with a chance… “Tell me about your favorite Christmas Present ever and leave you email address, then you’ll be entered to win a copy of Christmas Stockings.”

1. Hi Daisy. Thank you so much for stopping by my little blog. Sit down grab a cuppa.

Thank you so much, Kerrianne. It’s a pleasure to be here with you.

 2. Daisy, Your new book Christmas Stockings is out on the 2nd December, we have the blurb but why don’t you tell us a little about the story, in your own words.

 Seth needs to get married by his 35th birthday (Christmas Day) or he will lose his trust fund. His lawyer comes up with the idea to get a temporary wife, have her sign a pre-nup, with no sex involved, and pay her off $1,000,000 when they divorce a few months later. Seth loves the idea, but has no prospects until Faith shows up for a supposed job interview.

Seth is immediately attracted to Faith and when she realizes it’s not a job interview, but a marriage contract set up, she runs away. However, with serious financial problems, Faith is swayed to finally marry Seth, a known playboy, but guards her heart fiercely from Seth’s constant attempts to bed her. Little does Faith know that Seth has fallen in love with her and wants to rip up the marriage contract.

 3. Where did you get the idea/ inspiration for this book?

 This story is something I had in mind to write for years. I’ve always loved romance stories where the couple is married for convenience and then falls in love. So one day the muse came to me with an idea for a marriage contract with a trust fund involved. I finally let the muse run free and Christmas Stockings was born.

 4. You mostly write – so far – Erotic Romance, but I read that you like to write paranormal, time travel, fantasy and contemporary. Which is the genre you prefer to write?

 I think I will always write romance with different degrees of heat. By far, paranormal is my favorite to write. The skies the limit with paranormal, but with contemporary, you have to follow the laws of physics!! So far I’ve written stories in paranormal, fantasy, contemporary, cougar, nerd, m/f/m menage, and sci-fi. I have a time travel story brewing in my mind, so I’m hoping next year to write it.

 5. I had a little pootle over to your blog, and had a look at your bookshelf – you had a busy year! How do you juggle being a writer with life?

 I can tell you, it’s been tough. I work full time during the day at my office job, so, thankfully, my evenings and weekends are free, but I have to admit, my social life has gone down the tubes!! I have a very understanding boyfriend, thank goodness. When that muse comes out, you have to write!! So far this year I have 9 books coming out…needless to say, I’m exhausted, but I love every minute of this new career.

 6. When a story strikes, how do you begin? Are you a plotter, or do you just start and see where the story takes you? 

 I always outline my story, but only a small paragraph (I don’t outline each chapter). Then I write by the seat of my pants. Usually, by the time I’m done, it’s gone in a completely different direction from where I started. I love to live recklessly!! LOL

 7. Do you have any other stories in the pipeline?

 Yes, I have just finished a Fairy/Elf erotic romance story I’m now editing, called The Stolen Fairy. I also have an elemental witch series (each witch has the powers of one element – earth, wind, air, fire) and they are looking for their mates before their 30th birthdays or they loose their powers. Finally, I’m almost done writing a sequel to my very first story, The Portal, called The Sinful Portal. I just can’t seem to turn off the muse!!

 8.  When you have time, what books/ which authors do you like to read?

 One of my favorite novel writers is Christine Feehan, who writes paranormal romance. I’ve read all of her books and wait anxiously for the next one to come out. I’ve also found a couple new writer that I love…Lacie Nation and Cassandra Pierce. Awesome ladies and writers!!

 9. What do you think is the secret to a good romance? 

I think it’s the chemistry between two believable characters, even if they are vampires or werewolves, you need to convince the reader their real and have flaws just like us. Then you have to have a great story line that hooks the reader in and keeps then turning the page. Sounds simple, but it’s not the easiest.

10. And because it is the month of December and Christmas is just around the corner, What are you hoping for in your stocking this year?

I can’t believe I’m admitting this, but I want an ereader for Christmas. I write ebooks, but I don’t have an ereader…shame on me. However, Santa has promised me one, and Lords knows, I’ve been very naughty with Santa *wink wink* Ereader is in the bag!!!


Upon returning home, Seth walked Faith to her bedroom door to leave her for the night. He
simply wanted to take his new bride and ravish her body until sunrise, but he knew she still
hadn’t been ready for him. He didn’t want to scare her away, not when he felt things he had
never felt before. He wouldn’t touch her tonight, but tomorrow night, he intended to woo her at
the ball and then see what might transpire.

“Good night, Faith.”

“Good night, Seth.”

He stood in the hallway fighting with his desire for her. Finally, he leaned down, kissed her
tenderly on her cheek, and ran into the refuge of his bedroom.

For twenty minutes, he paced the floor like a caged animal, warring against the passion
building into a dangerous level inside of him. He took off his shirt and socks telling himself to go
to bed and masturbate, but now that he had a taste of her lips, he wanted more. She felt like a
drug in his system and one kiss would only hold him for so long. He stood up, about to unbutton
his pants, when he lost the battle raging inside of him.

He stormed out of his room, and without knocking, burst through Faith’s door, slamming it
shut behind him. She sat enticingly at her vanity in an oversized T-shirt and no pants. She had a
brush in her hand but dropped it immediately. “Is everything all right?” She asked as he strode
across the room to her.

He didn’t utter a word, as the dark lust had taken over his very soul. She stood up, and when
he reached her, he pulled her roughly into his arms. “Everything will be better soon.” He finally
replied as he leaned his head down. He crushed his lips against hers, as he forced his tongue into
her mouth. She opened her mouth eagerly to his oral exploration.

He reached down and cupped her ass as he ground his erection against her. She gasped but
didn’t push him away. He pulled away from her lips. “Please, Faith, tell me to stop.” He begged
in a moment of clarity, trying to give her an out from his greedy desire.

If you would like to pick up a copy od Daisy’s book click here


7 thoughts on “Interview with Author Daisy Dunn

  1. Daisy, you will love your ereader! I love the Kindle that my Muse got for me as an early Christmas present. He said I needed one since I was now a published author and building up my own to be read list faster than I ever thought possible! With the Kindle I can download them all and take them with me wherever I go!

    I can’t wait for your next releases! When do you find the time to sleep? LOL


  2. Hi Tammy!!

    Sleep, what’s that??? LOL Yes, I’ve been on a roll lately, as the muse doesn’t seem to ever leave me alone. I’m so looking forward to my ereader!! Thanks so much for stopping by and I wish you great success with your writing 🙂


    Daisy Dunn


  3. Thank you so much for everyone who stopped by to comment. The winner is…drum roll please…is Miss Leanore aka Bonnie Lea. I will be in touch to arrange to send you a PDF of my book, Christmas Stockings.

    I’d like to thank fabulous author, Kerrianne Coombes for hosting me on her blog…Big Hugs!!!

    Merry Christmas, everyone!!!

    Daisy Dunn


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