Six Sentence Sunday



Hi Everyone !

Hope you are all well. Thanks for popping by again, I don’t think I can say enough times that I really appreciate all of your comments and support. *Hugs you all*

Here is a little snippet from a WIP of mine called (tentatively) ‘Hot Wheels’ Its an erotic short story about English Bikers – hope you like it xx


“I’m sorry – I -, “ she turned and faced the door, mortification burning the backs of her eyes, the need to run, trembled through her arms and legs. “I don’t do stuff like this,” she dropped her gaze and took a step towards the door.


His deep voice and the command in his tone stopped her in her tracks, she looked back over her shoulder and swallowed.

 “I never thought for a second that you were cheap, or easy, Sammy. I am sorry if I gave you that impression.”

The man was intense, his eyes trapped her, the dark, heavy looks he gave – especially now, sent shivers down her spine…



25 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday

  1. Hey Kerrianne! I’ve been meaning to jump on and comment but for some reason I cannot access your comment box remotely. I always read your SSS posts! Anyway, I’m finally at my laptop and can respond properly. LOL!

    Very sexy six! I love her reaction to his speaking just one word. Very nice.


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