Six Sentence Sunday


Hello Everyone!

Thanks to everyone who pops back every week – I love reading your comments, they make my week!

Here is a new WIP I have been working on called ‘Hot Wheels’ its little erotic romance short, and I hope you like it xx

Sexy, gentle – and she drinks beer! Shit, it was like he had filled in a shopping list and she had arrived all ready and perfect.

He quickly snatched back that thought and took a deep breath, he puffed out his cheeks and walked over to the bar, and wondered just what the fuck he was supposed to do when his mind ran off like that around her?

It seemed his mind had joined the same team as his cock. ‘Team fuck that girl.’

He got his pint and slid into the chair opposite Sammy, the moment he sat down her cheeks flushed and her eyes dropped, the grip on her beer tightened and it was all Ryan could do not to imagine that sexy hand tightening around his cock…



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