So Its that time again!! YAY!!! NANO Time.

One day to go before writing begins. I have my idea in my head, and a few notes scribbled with the basic story – and I am ready to go. This year, I am going to do it a little differently. I AM going to plot each chapter. I AM going to follow a structured story – AND I AM GOING TO BE BACKING UP MY WORK DAILY!!! (Save fail last year – lost me most of my book) *Shivers* But I still finished…

We will see how long the whole structure thing goes – but I hope to not write myself into a hole and not be able to write myslef back out. That is the thing with NANO – You feel in such a rush, sometimes it is easy to let the story go on all by itself, Sometimes that works – but not always, and NANO doesnt give you the time to sort it out.

This year, I know what to expect as it is my second year -and I am ready! Bring it on NANO!!! *Grins*

Good luck to everyone taking part – If you want to buddy up – i am on there just as Kerrianne xx

See you at the start line xx


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