Six Sentence Sunday


Hi Everyone!

I am on a high this week because I finished a WIP and I feel great about it!

So, for you this week, I have a  sexy little bit from the finished erotic WIP called  ‘Running Home’

I hope you like it xx Thanks for stopping by xx

She gripped his hair in tight fists, tugged and pulled as her body fizzed with tormented pleasure. She moaned under the assault of his hands and mouth, her voice breathy as she gasped her pleasure in uncontrolled bursts. 

His hands moved meaningfully, delivering maximum pleasure wherever they touched. His mouth, his clever, clever mouth, left her weak and tingly as it moved lower over her chest. Jo gripped at his hair and leant her head back. She closed her eyes and revelled in the erotic bliss that Tom was wielding…


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16 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday

  1. Yay for finishing your WIP! You should throw yourself a party 😉

    Awesome snippet. You have such wonderfully vivid and sensual writing. I love reading your posts every week!


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