Six Sentence Sunday


Happy sunday xx Thanks so much for making the effort to visit little ole me, I really appreciate every comment I get! You make my day!

My SIX is from my WIP  ‘Obsessive Compulsions’ Its a little bit sexy, so please enjoy… *Grins*

She was still wearing the shirt.

The white shirt that barely covered anything, the same white shirt that he wanted to rip and tear until buttons popped and skin was bared. The very same white shirt that was currently billowing around her slim, tanned, toned legs as the wind whipped through his farm.

She looked like a godess, pure white cotton against her jet black hair was the sexiest thing he had ever seen. The slight red tinge to her skin that told him she was a little unsure was doing crazy things to his blood. And the fucking way she bit at her bottom lip sent daggers of molten heat to his cock…


LOL,  hope you liked it! I havent posted sexy in a while…


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