Six Sentence Sunday

Hello everyone! 

 Thank to everyone who pops over to my blog on SSS, I know that there are some fantastic excerpts on SSS and I feel very lucky every time you take the time to visit me here.

Anyway, here is a snippet from a little project called ‘Obsessive Compulsion’  and I hope you like it xx


With her hair billowing around her she looked like a banshee, complete with wild eyes and a glare so intent Tom should have turned to stone.  Awkward and confused, he pointed towards his home, a small but cosy cottage just in the distance. “Uh, you want to maybe come for a cuppa?” his mother had always said that ‘a good cuppa cured just about anything.’

A beat of panic suddenly called to his thoughts, a whisper of worry bled into his mind – what if she messes things up? Taking a deep breath Tom swallowed the piercing thought and ignored it, after all, what could a little slip of a woman like her do?




26 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday

  1. I think I like Tom. I’m pretty sure I’d have a ‘cuppa’ of anything with him. Not sure I get the picture of the guy with the goat, lol!


  2. Tom, Tom, Tom…It is never a good thing when you ask questions like that. It almost always ensures that the little slip of a woman will be capable of mass destruction. Wonderful six! I really enjoyed it. Good work.


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