Interview with Sandra Sookoo

I am so excitied today because Sandra Sookoo has popped over to my little blog for a chat, she has a new book coming out called ‘No Biting Allowed’ and I for one, cant wait to hear all about it. In addition, she has also agreed to giveaway  book swag and a £5 Amazon gift voucher to one lucky reader – all you have to do is leave me a comment answering the question ‘What paranormal being would you like to burst into your apartment?’

Hi Sandra. I am so excited to have you on my blog. I am a big fan and I am trying really hard not to jump up and down. If I do, you have license to give me a little slap to remind me that I am a grown adult, and that jumping up and down is not demure. 😉

1. You have a new book out called ‘No Biting Allowed’ I have posted the blurb, but can you tell us a little about it. In your own words?

Yes! It’s my most recent release and my first from Noble Romance Publishing. It’s about a woman – Grace – who has gone through a divorce and is a paranormal book reviewer who doesn’t believe in the supernatural world. Things change when a real vampire bursts into her apartment. Brody is a vampire who is just trying to acclimate to the city around him. He’s got a grip on his life but everything goes to pot when he meets Grace.

2. Where did you get the idea/ inspiration for this book?

Well, I do like reading paranormal stories, but sometimes the darkness of them wears after awhile. I wanted to do another take on the vampire mythos but ramping it up with humor and making the heroine someone relatable. After all, what would we really do if confronted with a vampire? It’s also the first book in a new series so expect other “twisted” takes on the paranormal

 3. You write in so many genres; Historical, Contemporary, Paranormal, Sci-fi… I wondered how exactly you keep a solid foot within each genre, when you switch between them?

It’s all about concentration. I write one book at a time (I used to do two but it ended up being too confusing). I’m a big believer in outlining a story ahead of time to use as a “road map”. The key is to make sure each genre sounds like itself LOL Sometimes I have to go back and change words, but writing in so many genres keeps my brain fresh and gives readers a wide variety to choose from.

 4. Which Genre is your favourite to write?

LOL pretty much whatever genre I’m working in for the moment! But, I suppose if I had to choose it would be historical.

 You love to write humour, and even if the book isn’t supposed to be funny there is a lot of what I like to call ‘real life humour’ It’s what makes your books – for me – nice to read. I think humour is one of the hardest things to write. How do you write humour and make it look so effortless? Basically, I am asking for your secret! 😉

I’ve noticed that too about my books. Even when they’re serious, lines sneak in that are funny. How do I do it so effortlessly? I guess it’s because I’m a naturally funny person and I believe that anything can be made better with laughter. There’s nothing in life that can’t be fixed if laughter is involved. I like putting a funny spin on things. That’s how I look at life. It’s another way to see situations and take the sting out of them. Besides, if I can’t laugh at myself, I’ve got nothing.

 5. Something I didn’t know about you – until I started to do my homework – was that you are a junior Editor. That must be very interesting, seeing writing from both sides?

I am a junior editor! Good job ferreting that info out! I like it and think it’s fun to see how other authors put their stories together. It’s also rewarding when I can help a new author learn their craft and offer ways for them to improve. I love giving back to the community.

 6. Has your position as Junior Editor influenced your own writing in any way?

Good question! Actually, it has not. Writers have their own style – their signature if you will – that, while it develops over time, it’s not really influenced by editing.

 7. Are you working on anything at the moment – any upcoming stuff that we can look out for?

 I’m always working on something! Right now I’ve just started the sequel to Wedgie Tales and Panty Lines. So far, it’s really funny and I’m looking forward to delving into it. I’ve also got another historical on tap to write after this one.

 9. Ok, so I know that you love to cook – me too – Actually, I bake. Especially when I have things I need to work out in my head. My hubby knows I’m stressed when the counter is full of cakes. 😉 Do you have a particular stress relieving recipe? Or does any cooking help?

LOL No particular recipe, I just head to the kitchen when I hit a snag with writing. Cooking or baking, anything will do that engages a different part of my brain. There have been times I’ve made cookies, cakes, etc all in one day until I solve the writing problem. Then I end up giving the stuff away because it’s too much for my hubby and I to eat.

 10. Tell me – as one foodie to another – What / where is your favourite food/ place to eat? And why? One day I might travel the world and visit recommended restaurants – in my dreams – LOL

Hmm, local in my area I like to eat at P.F. Changs (Chinese) but my favorite place to eat (so far) is the Crystal Palace (breakfast) in Disney World.

 11. Now I am hungry! But I still have one question. Which of the heroes you have written is your favourite? My favourite is Ethan from Angels Master… *Swoon* Girl, he is yummy!

 LOL Ethan is pretty yummy. I really like Xavier from Vegetarian at Midnight, Gregg from Demons and Stilettos are a Girl’s Best Friend, or Dev from the upcoming Winging It.

 Thanks so much for visiting and answering my questions! Sandra has kindly offered up a little excerpt to wet our appetites.. So enjoy.


As she turned, the white lacey panels at her windows fluttered in the breeze. A furtive movement on the patio caught her attention. Shadows shifted, lengthened. The darkness grew deeper while Grace stared. Then, the form of a man stepped from the obscurity. Tall and broad-shouldered . . . she couldn’t discern any more than that out of the gloom. Too bad. Weren’t all the mysterious ones hot?

 Cold fear shot down her spine. Her bare feet felt stuck to the floor as she watched, openmouthed in shock. How long had he been there? What did he want? Frantically, she glanced about her bedroom, wondering what she could use to defend herself. Spying her nephew’s Nerf baseball bat propped in a corner, she inched in that direction, careful to keep her gaze on the intruder.

He never moved, only regarded her, unblinking, his stare a mixture of hunger and passion as the rain fell down around him.

 Grace wished it weren’t so dark or, at the very least, that she hadn’t thrown open the doors where any creep could walk by. She couldn’t see the man well enough to launch an effective offensive, but she wanted him gone. Lunging for the bat, she grabbed it and fit the handle to her palm. Then, swinging around, she ran toward the man in an attempt to chase him from her bedroom doorway.

 “Shoo!” While the command worked on dogs, it didn’t budge the intruder. “Get out of here!” She brought the spongy piece of recreational equipment down on her would-be attacker’s head. The rain muffled the thuds as she continued to swat at him. “How dare you come in!”

 “Enough, woman.” The man raised his hands to ward off the attack. “This ends now.” He wrenched the bat away from her fingers as if he were accustomed to disarming people all the time. “You have moments left to exercise your own free will. Choose your words wisely.”

In spite of the fear that threatened to choke her, Grace eked out a laugh. “Are you kidding me?” She crossed her arms over her chest as her nipples hardened from the cold rain. “What? Next you’ll tell me you’re some sort of serial killer?”

 A light of interest gleamed in his eyes. “I suppose, in a way, that’s a good enough statement since I am a vampire. That could be an eventuality.” He tossed the toy away.

“Really? That’s the best you’ve got?” Another snicker. “Do you know how cliché that is?”

 “It’s the truth.” He stepped into her personal space. “I promise you won’t feel more than a momentary discomfort.” Low and mysteriously thrilling, his voice sent tremors through her body.

 “Neither will you, once my knee finds your family jewels.” Retreating, she narrowed her eyes, mostly unaware she’d retreated outside to the patio. “I’m a loud screamer.”

“Even better. If you don’t want me to feed, I can bed you instead.” He pinned her against the brick side of her apartment building. “Either way, one of my appetites will be slaked.”

 Most of her fear melted at the absurdity of the situation. Her next laugh came out on a wheeze. “Oh, my God, you sound like a poorly written paranormal novel.” Shoving at his chest, she paused when she felt nothing but solid muscle beneath her fingertips. “Go on. Get out of here.” She poked at his torso much like she’d prod a stray dog. This time, her stomach clenched at the annoyed determination that flared in his dark eyes.

“I’m not leaving until I get what I came for.”

 “That’s too bad, then, because my blood stays with me, and I’m too tired to be seduced tonight. Go away.” She ducked under his arm and had almost gained the doorway when he yanked her back with a fist in her hair. Grace cried out, anger surging through her chest. She whirled on her attacker, but he reeled her into an embrace.

 He growled low in his throat and pulled her flush against his hard body. “I’m not accustomed to being refused.”

 An electric jolt shot through her chest from the contact. Wow. Just like a romance novel.

 “Everyone meets disappointment sometime.” She shoved at his chest. He captured her wrists, pinning them behind her back with one hand. Grace inhaled, stopping herself at the last minute from sighing. He smelled clean, like pine and snow in the winter. Yummy, but, damn it, he was seriously pissing her off with the rough handling.

 Or else she’d been alone for too long. Either way, he was about to get kneed.

“Let me go.” As she struggled, her breasts rubbed against his dark button-down shirt. Her nipples cried out from the stimulation despite the continuous warning her brain screamed. She stifled a groan. Great. Turned on by a crazy man who thought he was a vampire. At least kicking him in the groin would be cheaper than therapy. “Hands off, buddy.”

 “Woman, shut up!” The command rang with frustrated rage.

 In that one moment, the remaining fraction of her fear morphed into annoyance. No longer would a man tell her what to do. She made her own life, and she wasn’t a doormat for a man’s whims. “Make me. I dare you.”

 Tension crackled around them as he considered her words. Without warning, he crushed his mouth to hers, hard enough that she cut her bottom lip on a fang.

 An honest-to-God fang.

 Wow. How much did it cost this guy for the altered dental work? Brief insanity took control. Despite her resolve to kick him in the groin, she wilted against him as a rush of lust poured through her veins, tingling through long dormant parts. What could one kiss hurt?

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7 thoughts on “Interview with Sandra Sookoo

  1. Squeee! Thanks for the giveaway!
    I tried looking up ‘paranormal being’ because I’m not entirely sure where ‘paranormal’ finishes and simple ‘mythological’ begins. So, at the risk of being in the wrong category, I’d like to meet an elf. 🙂


  2. It would be a vampire for me, but only one of the handsome ones. This one’s going on my TBR list.



  3. hmm..thats a hard question. i would probably want a shifter. either a big cat or wolf. id take one of lora leighs breeds any day. 😛 thanks!


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