Six Sentence Sunday


Hi everyone!!! Dont ya just love SSS?? I do – i love it!

Thanks to everyone who pops over to my blog – I really appreciate your words – they mean a lot!

Here is my six from my WIP ‘When Beauty Met Beast… The Demon Tale’ As always, I wont give you a run in, ill just post it and see what you think xx Happy Sunday xx


 What’s one more dead human?

 But even as he allowed that thought to flit through his mind, the pretty human looked directly at him and begged silently for his help.  A deep ache throbbed in his chest at the sight of her beautiful blue eyes so filled with pain and fear, and Brigg could no longer ignore the clawing need to help her.

Just shoot me now…

 When her lids fluttered down covering the blue that was so much like sapphires, Brigg jumped forward and reacted as if someone had shoved a taser up his ass.



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