>Six Sentence Sunday


Hello everyone!!! I have taken a few weeks off lately, due to the fact that I havent had the time to dedicate to reading all of the fabadoo posts, but I am going to try to join in as often as I can. I hate missing it, but it isnt fair if I cant give feedback on all of the posts.

Thanks to everyone who pops in to read my offering, I really apreciate you taking the time xx *MWAH*

So here is my six, taken from my WIP ‘When Beauty Met Beast… The Demon Tale’

Enjoy xx

Brigg watched Helki enter the Great cave, dragging a pretty but battered looking human in his wake. He observed as the slight female staggered along, pulled by the irritated looking pirate. Her hands were tied and from what Brigg could see, they were pulled far too tight to be comfortable.

Brigg had to admit it, he was intrigued.

The noise in the musty room filled with demons from all realms buzzed around his ears. Chatter of all kinds roared in the cave, but Brigg couldn’t tear his eyes away from the human female.

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