>No Six sunday


I forgot to sign up ;-( So that’s why no SSS. Ill be back next week.
But I may as well make a post about forgetful-ness. I have a terible memory – really really bad. I never remember birthdays, I always forget names. I constantly forget things that I am supposed to do, I wish I had a better memory.
 I have callendars and diaries and an Iphone that bleeps me often. And that is the only way that I can remember things, LOL
 I wonder if I have gotten lazy and now rely on bleepy things?
I dont have to remember numbers – my phone stores them, I dont have to remember addresses – Tom Tom (satalite naviagtion) Stores those. I dont have to use my memory at all if I dont want to.
 Is this a bad thing? Or is bad memory a product of evolution and technology?

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