>Six Sentence Sunday


 Hello Six Sunday People!!!

Hope you all had a good week. This is from  ‘Dead Possession’ I hope you like it xx

Lexi pushed and tugged at Connors clothes, the need to see him- feel his skin on hers- was pulsing in her mind. She was like a woman possessed as she tried to get her hungry hands on his bare chest.
Connor laughed a low, sensual laugh at her eagerness and the gravelly sound ignited a new fire in her, heating her like nothing had before. His hands pushed her backwards and she went, willing to do whatever he commanded.
She lay back, Connor stayed on his knees. He pulled off his t-shirt in one swift flick and Lexi could do nothing but stare. He was beautiful, all hard muscle and toned shapes. His body was perfect, and she couldn’t wait to get her mouth on it. 

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