>Six Sentence Sunday


Hi, six sunday Peeps!

Can I just take the time to thank everyone who stops by and makes a comment every week. It really is much appreciated and is going a long way to build my confidence. Thank You muchly!

This is an excerpt from a short story that I have been working on. Name = Unknown as yet. But this six is a sexy little ‘somit somit’ from it. Enjoy.

“You always looked so intense, as if you were really concentrating. I used to look forward to seeing you, watching you.” He kissed her neck, his hand skimming up her side. Ella swallowed as her body reacted in the most visceral way to his touch. Her mind racing and stalling under his hot and -getting hotter -kisses, his words sliding over her senses, heating her some more.
“I missed watching you”
She sucked in air as his hand slid between her legs and cupped her. Ella was shocked at the sensation. Eleven months of no touch, no sensory pleasure at all. To suddenly having her insides come alive and hot under his roaming hands. …..

That’s my six. Hope you enjoyed it. If you want to see more #SixSundsy excerpts click here to view all of the fantastic offerings.


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