>Six Sentence Sunday


Six Sunday.

Hi. this is my six for this week. Connor and Lexi again. From my NaNo book ‘Dead Possession’

“Come with me Lexi. I will protect you.”
Connor was shocked to hear a sob escape from Lexi- the lethal little fighter. His heart throbbed as her shoulders sagged and she shook her head.
“It isn’t that easy.”  She shoved at his chest with a flat hand, but this time Connor refused to move. Lexi looked up at him, her green eyes so full of pain that he ached to help her  
“I have to stay here. I cant leave”
The agony in those few whispered words rocked his body and shook his temper like nothing ever before….

That’s my six. If you want to see the rest of the Brilliant offerings on the #sixsunday list go to http://sixsunday.blogspot.com/


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