>Six Sentence Sunday


Six Sunday

Hello Everyone.

This is another six from my  NaNo novel ‘Dead Possession’ With Lexi and Connor. This is the second time that they meet and Connor wont take no for an answer..

     “Because” he began as he tipped her head back by hooking a finger under her chin. A purely male move that would usually make her cringe in distaste. When Connor did it she melted. “I am not very nice when I am angry”

     Lexi swallowed hard again, not sure how to respond to his reply. Her legs began to feel weak as her mind placed images of her and Connor twisted in passion and wild love making. She could hear the voice of self-preservation screaming from inside her mind, raging at her stupidity. Warning her to back away, imploring her to see sense and stop with her girly weakness.
     She swallowed again and tried to clear her head with a deep breath, she lifted her good arm and pushed gently at his wall-chest until he let go of her chin and took a step back.
    “I don’t like to be threatened Connor” Came her cool reply that was totally at odds with her raging and burning insides.
     Connor smiled and shook his head. “I wouldn’t threaten you, Lexi. That would be silly”

Thats my six! If you want to see some more of the Brilliant offerings for #SixSunday go to http://sixsunday.blogspot.com/


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