>Six Sentence Sunday


Six Sunday. Just a quick one. Only have a minute to put this together, so i hope you enjoy xx

‘Hello.’ She replied in her best ‘Queens English.’ She loved to watch the surprise fall on their faces.

Good, well brought up girls, didn’t fight in seedy cages in the back of nowhere.
Well, Lexi had news for him.
This one did.
She watched as his horrible eyes fell to her chest, which was encased in a tight black vest top and her temper notched up.
Your watching the wrong parts of me honey if you want to walk out of this cage with your testicles.’
His horrid eyes flicked to her face and he grinned, baring brown stained teeth. ‘If I win, I get to fuck you’
Like she hadn’t heard that one before…. But honestly, it was the first time she nearly wretched.
‘Honey, if you win, it will be over my dead body. And then, in that case, what the fuck do I care’

I hope you are all still enjoying Christmas! Happy Boxing day…. Now, Off to find some more wine…..xx


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