>Merry Christmas!


This is an excerpt from my WIP Callow World. I wanted to post something a little christmassy and felt that this was perfect. Its not all fairy’s and Elf’s but…. Its Christmassy-ish.

Callow world is a post-apocalyptic paranormal suspense that I have been working on for a little while and I have recently fallen back in love with it.  It seems to be writing itself, which is fab!

So, let me set the scene:
Ciara and Nyx have been running from the death walkers for a while, Nyx is seriously injured and Ciara has just about given in. This (Failrly long) excerpt  is when Tax, Ciaras love, appears and saves the day.

I hope you all have a great Christmas!

The wind whipped her hair and the sound of the gusts battered against the walls of the cave. She stood in the entrance of the dark hollow space that had been their home for the last three weeks and her heart beat at the inside of her chest, disappointment biting at her nerves.

She had remembered not long ago what today actually was. Her heart had broken for the thousandth time at the painful memory of what today was supposed to be. And as she had ascended the small hill to bring food to her companion, she almost sat down and gave in to her bone deep misery.

It had been the snow fall that had made her think of time and how much had passed since their escape. It had been the white pristine innocence of the snow that had made her think of better times. Times when Christmas had been happy and filled with love and cheer.

Now, as she stood in the entrance way of their new life, their new existence. She only felt cold, empty and tired. Her body ached for the blazing fire of home. Her mind raged at the sheer brutality of what she now has to endure everyday just to find clean water. Her chest tight with pent up emotions, she could feel the cruel burn of tears in her eyes.

“Ciara?” Nyx’s voice travelled out from the dark mouth of their temporary home, her voice thready and weak. A shadow of her vital friends’ usual exuberant personality.
The sound of her injured friend and her pain shook Ciara back into the present. Ciara closed her eyes against the sharp agony of longing for a better time. She shouldn’t have let herself remember,  allowing the memories of the past into her mind just opened up the savage tear of loss in her heart. A wound that she didn’t have the energy to repair right now, maybe never.

“It is me” She replied as she began to walk into the darkness. Their lamp light not showing until she rounded the tight corner. The blackness swallowed her for a moment until she could see the yellow, inviting warm light of their solace. She took a deep breath to ward her against the misery of seeing Nyx so pale, so near death, before she pulled back the crudely hung curtain and sat beside her broken friend.

Nyx, dull eyes searched Ciara in expectation.

“I didn’t find any food today” Ciara’s guilt of not being able to hunt down any much needed meat hung on her shoulders, heavy, as if gravity was weighted with led. She pulled off her bow and quiver from her back and curled in a ball next to Nyx. The cold feeling of death crawled up her spine like an ice spider, waiting to inject its life ending venom into her tired, beaten and broken body.

Time was running out for the two young women, food was a rare treat, one that the snow had all but hidden. Ciara had racked her brain and pushed her weakened body to the limits in the search of food. But each time she tried she just burned off more energy and came back empty handed and cold.

She was tired, sad and lost, a shadow of her former self, the laughing girl she used to be. She allowed sleep to take under its numbing blanket, the only comfort available to her in her bleak endless struggle. Her eyelids heavy her body laden with hunger, sleep took her in..

A sound startled her from her fitful sleep, the sound of rocks and feet and movement made her sit up. She stared into the black entrance of their cave and her heart began a thumping pound of fear against her ribs. She sat up and her hand went instinctively to Nyx, who stirred and stared back at her with terror filled eyes.
“They found us” Nyx whispered into the dark.

Ciara rolled onto her knees and reached slowly for her bow, she couldn’t shoot an arrow in this space, but she could use it to beat someone- something- with it.

The sound of footsteps came closer, the slight echo of movement travelled to her sensitive ears. Her eyes trained on the small entrance way. A shadowed body moved over the walls like a macabre picture, black and creepy in its slowness.

Ciara gently pulled herself to her feet, trying not to jostle even the smallest of stones, and positioned herself to the side of the door. She raised her bow and waited, her breath burning to be released from her lungs.

The shadow fell on the floor as the person entered the cave. Ciara lunged silently and brought down her bow, only for two strong hands to catch it mid slice. A dull thud of something heavy being dropped filled the air as Ciara fought to pull back her hands from the infuriatingly strong grip.

“Dammit, you made me drop the meat!” The deep male voice boomed into the silence and Ciara froze in her movements. Her mind stalled and her heart gave a bang of instant recognition. She turned her head and stared up at the face that had haunted her dreams and daydreams alike. She scanned the body that had given her such pleasure. Last time he had held her she had felt as if his touch was burned into her skin.
A permanent heat that never got forgotten, even on the coldest of nights.

“Tax?” His name was a whisper, a prayer on her lips. A promise of ….more. A sigh of painful regret.

He looked at her, with his deep blue eyes. Eyes that reminded her of the cool blue waters of home.
Eyes that could make her fall and fall until she never stopped. He smiled and touched her cheek with a careful hand, his fingertips warming her almost instantly to the bone.

“I told you that I would find you” His voice a stroking whisper that went strait to her heart. He stared for a moment, his gaze falling upon her many scars and bruises before he reluctantly moved his hand from her skin. Ciara almost moaned for the loss, his touch was all she had craved for so long, she couldn’t imagine a better feeling.
 He bent down and picked up a bundle that smelled so good, her mouth watered instantly. She allowed her eyes to fall from his perfect face and she saw that he was holding enough food to feed them for a week.
Tax smiled again, sending a wave of devastating longing all the way to her toes.

 “Happy Christmas, My Ciara”


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