>Six Sentence Sunday


Hello Everyone!!!

Sunday again, Whoop! (well, I know that it isn’t being organized as usual, but I found a free moment, so I decided to post anyway)
So, this six + a bit more (Sorry didn’t want to chop it too much) Is from a new WIP that I am working on, its a thriller, so it is a new genre for me. Exciting!
The name (at the moment) is ‘Twin desire’ I cant say too much about the story at the moment, but know this, Sarah is not who she seems……….


             Sarah shook her head again, taking a step backwards. John, still naked, took another step closer. Sarah could still see, from the corner of her eye, the petrified looking bitch that he had been fucking mere seconds before. She was sobbing and moaning making Sarah’s head pound.
      “How could you?” She asked, through clenched teeth, a pained whisper of words. Tears burned her eyes, emotion throbbed and pulsed through her veins. Her head began to spin, and her heart thumped a drum beat of power against her ribs, buzzing through her like a force of nature, strong and unstoppable……. ..Irresistible.
     She had told him to stop.
     She let the knife slip into her palm from its hiding place up her sleeve,  The cool power of the blade touched her clammy skin. Her heart stilled- throbbed- with live anticipation. 
      She didn’t want to do this…. But he had pushed her to it.
     She stopped moving backwards and smiled. That one cold expression stopping John in his tracks.
     “I told you before John, No more” ………….
And now for a near naked man………. Lookey what I found asleep in my barn!  
To read all of the other AMAZING excerpts just go to http://www.sixsunday.blogspot.com/

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