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OK, so were moving To Lyon (France) and to say I am excited would be like saying ‘It rains a little bit in England’ -Massive understatement!!  I – and the rest of the family are live with excitement and expectation. Especially since we got back from our short visit this week.

It is all well and good that we like it and we want to go there, now, begins the actual work.
OK, so we know that we are going. We know where we are going and when. BUT we have loads to organize and arrange.

Right at this moment the biggest question for me is……. Do we put the kids in English International school, where they can feel comfortable and safe with the language and the people. OR, Do we throw them in at the deep end and immerse them into French school, Giving them the opportunity to become fully bilingual??????

We met a really nice woman who had sent her kids to French school and within three months, her children were/ are fully fluent in French.
She did say that there was a lot of tears and confusion and heart ache for her, but that it was worth it in the end.
What do you think people??
I love the idea of them being able to have two languages and not just an understanding- but a FULLY FLUENT knowledge of French. But I don’t think that I am hard enough to put them through it.

The International school is Amazing, I love it. But they would be speaking English all day, other than their French lessons. So they would not be getting much exposure to the language.

This is a big decision for me, I really want the children to be happy and relaxed when we move. But I also want them to get the most out of it.



2 thoughts on “>Its A Thinker

  1. >I will try this again. For some reasons my comments aren't posting on blogs today the first time around!Would it be possible to start them off in the international school, just until the shock and upheaval of being uprooted wears off and they get more adjusted to their surroundings? And then transfter them to the French school a few months down the road? Best of both worlds.


  2. >I have to say, if the chance arose for my kiddos to learn to speak fluent French, I would jump on it. It may be difficult at first but kids are super resiliant, and they will be better people in the end. And who knows, they may even thank you later. Don't miss out on an amazing opportunity like that.


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