>Six Sentence Sunday


Hey Everyone!

Its another six Sunday! Hope you all had good weeks.
So, I have taken this six out of my finished novel ‘Hell Hath No Fury’ Paranormal Romance.  You have met Lilly and Reef before. So here is a little bit more…..

She gave him a slow smile and Reef watched with a hungry expression as she stretched under the covers like a sexy cat. His heart did a chug- stop as it always did when he remembered what a lucky man he was. His hungry gaze wandered possessively over her body, looking for his favourite places. The places he knew held such pleasure for him- pleasures for her.
 His eyes stalled on her breasts as she stretched her arms above her head and his body burned instantly. She didn’t know just what she could do to him, with just one lazy stretch. She didn’t know the power she wielded over him just by simply moving her body.
She was a fire in his veins, a heavy throb in his groin. She was heat and power, an addictive drug, one that he hoped never to have to go without..
Now, I wouldn’t kick him out of bed for spilling crumbs……..

To read the rest of the AMAZING excerpts just go to http://sixsunday.blogspot.com/ You must, I tell you, You MUST!!


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