>Six Sentence Sunday


Hi, Six Sunday Peeps!
So, I have begun to re-write my lost and never to be found NaNoWrimo book. Luckily we managed to salvage 65 pages so I have had a good base to work from. PHEW! And there was also the ten pages that I had sent to my crit  partner. So not ALL  lost.
Anywho. Here is another little hot ditty from Lexi and Connors story.
    Lexi still had to tip her head back to see his face, even on their knees Connor was intimidating in size. His shoulders so wide against her petite frame,  his chest muscular and hard against her feminine soft lines.

    Connor buried his fingers in her hair and with his thumbs he tipped her head back, bringing his beautiful eyes and welcoming mouth into her vision.
    The fire was roaring behind them, a physical display of what was burning between them. The fires of passion licking at her body, stoking her inner furnace of heat for Connor. His hands were like heated iron on her skin, branding her everywhere he touched, leaving his hot mark forever on her body.

And here is the Sunday piece of HOT!


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