>Six Sentence Sunday.


Hello everyone!
So another Sunday is upon us. YEY!
Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by and commented on my book last week!
So, those of you who don’t know, I completed NaNoWrimo this week, a whole six days early! Squeee! The book I wrote is called ‘Dead Possession’ and it is a Paranormal Romance.
I chose this hot little excerpt because, well, its hot. I had debated whether to go with an action scene or a sexy scene and in the end the sex won out!
So, enjoy…
Connor pulled at the buttons until his temper was gone, he ripped at the material with savage tugs that made Lexi almost scream with pleasure. His hands took a hold of her bare breasts in a way that could never be described as gentle. His fingers were possessive and dominant, his mouth was unashamedly everywhere, Lexi swore that she saw stars in front of her eyes.
The power behind his touch was sending her over the edge, making her whimper and moan and beg, all at once. He was all-consuming and wild, he was Connor….
Dead Possession was lost in an Epic Computer fail this weekend, So this is the only excerpt I have.
Picture below is, well, bloody lovely!  I couldn’t resist! *Drool*

23 thoughts on “>Six Sentence Sunday.

  1. >Thanks for stoppping by everyone! Thanks for all of your comments, I love six sunday! My novel was never recovered, lost for all eternity. So I am totally heartbroken, but Lexi and Connor were so good to write that I am sure that i can re-write their passion again…. They were HOT!Thanks again.Kerrianne


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