>I DID IT!!!


 I did it! I effin did it!
I really cant believe how utterly good it feels. I have finished books before, 3 in fact, so I was prepared for the amazing feeling of accomplishment and pride. But this, finishing a novel in 24 days feels great! A real buzz.
Ok, so I haven’t completed the whole story, but I have gotten 85% of the way through it.
But the challenge set by NaNoWrimo was to write 50.000 words and I HAVE done that!
So, if you are still plagued by words that need to be typed and planned, bear this in mind. When you finish you will feel like the weight of the world has just been lifted off. You will feel like doing a silly dance and singing a silly ‘I did it’ song (I obviously am far too classy to do that)
“I did do that” *Said from back of hand whisper*
And you will feel GREAT! Really! Come on! get it done, join me in my silly dance and shout ‘I FLIPPIN DID IT!” at the top of your voice. Because it feels great.
Even though I had my mind blank on days, 9, 10, 11,12 and so on. I still think that I would do it again.
I love a challenge, I am competitive by nature and so NaNo is perfect for me!
Right, so I am off to go and have a celebratory coffee and cake with my Friends, I know rock and roll. But whatever, I like cake and Coffee and I know that my friends will share in a  ‘squeee’ with me, because they know that they get to read it now!
Thank you Susan for getting me involved and thank you to everyone who cheered me on!
Same time, same place next year!

7 thoughts on “>I DID IT!!!

  1. >Congratulations. You did it. Good job.I also got my 50k in this week. I was not nearly as pleased as you were. But still, it was pretty darn cool. I honestly did not know if I could do it. I amazed myself. And the story and the characters revealed themselves to me. It was really hard sometimes, but also magical. Sometimes easy. Scary as hell to face the next chapter and not know what needed to happen. But it worked out far better than had I planned it. I really like the story. I was blessed. I've been meaning to do this for a few years now, but it scared me too much. And I write mostly non-fiction. So this was quite a stretch for me.


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