>Six Sentence Sunday


Six Sentence Sunday!

Hello Everyone!

This is a cheeky little excerpt from my finished Urban Fantasy novel ‘Hell Hath No Fury’. I hope you like it!

     They stopped in the middle of the room and Lilly broke free from their hungry kiss. She looked at Reef with an expression so hot it should have set the house on fire, as it was,  it cooked his insides.

      ‘’Jesus Lilly, Do you know what you do to me?’’

       Lilly smiled and tugged him over to her bed. Reef could feel the feral look that he was giving her. He knew his dark intensity was showing in his eyes, a raw passion that verged on violent. He hoped that she understood that it was because he wanted her.
 Passion had gripped him by the balls and -god damn it-he needed her under him.
      She stopped at the foot of her bed and with one swift, sexy move she lifted up her vest and discarded it on the floor.
     ‘’What does this do to you, Reef?’’ Lilly flirted, her words and eyes starting a fire that not even Reef could hope put out now…….


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