Light at the end of the tunnel……
So, my NaNoWrimo friends, just how frustrated are you at this precise moment?
It is day 19 and well over half way. The clock has begun to tick a little louder, with less patient beats, reminding you of the impending end to the month of November. The constant tick of the currently confused plot line. Or the stomach turning tock, that reminds you that you have a frustrating mind blank with what to do with the ending.
The clock ticks, you cannot stop it. You cannot silence it, even if you plug your ears.The insistent noise beats at your writers brain. Like a hooded stranger trying to get in to where you hide, his thudding fist falls and heavy feet reminding you that there is no escape.
Whether you are at work or trying to feed the kids, your mind is always tied to the knowledge that the time for NaNo is running out!
So, this really is the time to forget sleep and forget food. NaNoWrimo is ending and I want to know the feeling of finishing on time. I want to say ‘Idid it’.  I want to celebrate on day 30 and share with my friends the accomplishment of finishing a novel in 30 days.
So come on NaNo Peeps, get typing. Ignore the cramps and stiff neck. Pull the words from your brain, extract the novel that you know is in your mind, and write it down.
Give NaNo some shit and FINISH!
There is a light at the end of the tunnel, there is…….. I think!

3 thoughts on “>NaNoWrimo

  1. >HAHA! Give it some shit! I'm with ya 😉 You're doing so great! The fact that you're blogging about it and keeping it on your mind shows how much you care about your WIP and I know you will finish =) Keep going! I'm right behind you!


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