>NaNoWrimo 15 Days in……


Half Way Point!

And if nothing else can get me off my bum, those three words can, and have!
So, here we are, at the half way point of NaNo and my NaNo word count stands at 22.011. I started strong and then hit that proverbial brick wall and have found it a bitch to get over. I still know where the story needs to go. I still know what is supposed to be happening. But the bloody characters keep changing direction!
I thought that I, as the author,  was the one in control of the Novel and the direction. I thought that, I as the author, chose exactly what and when and where to write.
OH, No! This is untrue people.
 Every time I sit down to write, another character introduces themselves, like an uninvited guest at a party that spoils the intended fun. Or an event occurs that means that I have to re-jig another event that is, or was, supposed to happen.
Honestly! Can’t someone please tell my characters that I do only have 15 more days and their funny little practical jokes and sudden appearances are not acceptable anymore!
When I am writing under my normal constraints, this is not a problem. I love how a book evolves and moulds around my moods.  I love how a story comes together or falls apart as the characters evolve and grow in my mind.
But this is not how NaNo can work. NaNo is more about getting it down and having a clear goal. Not about nurturing a story until a novel emerges from the ashes. NaNo is about discipline, of which I have learned I have none.
NaNo is where you learn that writing is a skill. And god damn it! I want to show myself that I can do it.
I have only 15 more days to write 27.000 words. So here we go. Operation 27.000 words has begun.
I hope that you are all doing well with your NaNo’s And I hope that the said ‘brick wall’ has not risen up and smacked you in the faces, because people, it just plain sucks!
Any advice and tips on motivation and getting over a hump would be gratefully received. If you have nothing to offer, leave me alone! (Not really. I’m just crabby! Poor hubby!)
So, I wish all of you, the ones that are still going and typing away. Good Luck!
I hold up my strong coffee and and say ‘cheers’ to everyone who has made it to the halfway point. I have a feeling that the second half will be harder….Just sayin.
I offer you a pat on the back and ‘We can do it!
Come on! Lets show our characters that WE are in charge….. (yeah right)

4 thoughts on “>NaNoWrimo 15 Days in……

  1. >That's why I had to start a new book. I couldn't get my characters to behave and do and be who I wanted, soo they had to go. I might come back to this book at a later date, but right now, I'm not feeling it. WE ARE supposed to be in control, but our characters to us are living and breathing, we have to allow them to unfold on the papaer (screen) the way they will. Oye, it's difficult wrangling these characters in, but we must =)God Luck! I'll be cheering you on =) I'm at 5k right now, yikes! But I'm going to do some hard writing this week to get caught up. Some people don't believe me, or think I'm crazy when I tell them I wrote Enrapture in 7 days, but it can be done. Now, the MS was a hot mess, I had to edit for 2 months to get it right, but if you know exactly where you want the story to do, it can be done. YOU CAN DO IT!


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