>Six Sentence Sunday


Six Sentence Sunday!
Hi everyone!
I am so excited to join in on Six Sentence Sunday! I have been reading all of the brilliant excerpts every Sunday for a long while now and I am genuinely thrilled to give it a go.
Some might say that I am ‘Chuffed’ (That’s for you Taryn!) 😉
This is a short excerpt from my completed novel ‘Hell Hath No Fury.’ hope you like it…. *Bites nails nervously*
Here goes….
   After a long moment of feeling his arms snake around her in a gentle and unassuming caress, she drew herself back. He saw her tears, Reef didn’t say anything, he just wiped them away with his thumb.
   He had a deep frown carved into his forehead that Lilly wanted to wipe away.

  She knew that she had just crossed the line between friends into the realm of ‘more than’ friends. She knew that when she fell into his arms and let him comfort her, that she had allowed herself to soften towards him.

   She knew it, and she didn’t care. In fact it felt right and good to be comforted by someone for a change. It felt good and she wanted more.

  She wanted more from Reef.

  And she decided to take it.

  Lilly entwined her fingers in his and then she turned and led him up to her room.


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